Biologic & Technologic Injectables

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Why Everyone Must Oppose Mandatory Vaccination

April 2019 — Big Pharma is in the midst of an all-out blitzkrieg attack trying to make vaccination mandatory in all states, which would mean forced injections into all children and eventually all adults as well. For those of you who are pro-vaccine and believe vaccines are the best thing since sliced bread, you still *must* oppose mandatory forced vaccination. Here’s why: if you do not oppose it, eventually other invasive bodily procedures will be mandatory including microchip implants injected under the skin of the entire populace. Since California made vaccines mandatory for all children due to the work of the freedom-hating State Senator Richard Pan, state legislation has been brought back into discussion on mandatory microchips for all pets; an ironic foreshadowing.

Human Body Sovereignty

At its core, the issue of mandatory vaccination has nothing to do with “saving lives” or even whether or not vaccines are safe or effective. The true issue is whether human beings have sovereignty over their own bodies and what goes into them. On some very real levels humans have already lost a huge portion of this freedom. Every human being has aluminum, glyphosate, PFOA, and hundreds of other chemicals in every cell of their body whether they intended to consume products that had theses chemicals or not. However now Big Pharma – and I believe corporate America as a whole – is attempting to codify that we are incapable of determining what should or should not be injected directly into our blood streams and muscle tissue. It would be ridiculous to think this is only about “life-saving” vaccines. Once we lose the right to say “no thank you” to one injection, it is just a matter of time before many other biologic & technologic injectables will be mandatory.

Why Now?

The number of vaccine injured children is skyrocketing and that is not a debatable point. We know this because the federal “vaccine court” has paid over $4 billion to parents of vaccine injured children. This is not good public relations for Big Pharma and their products. Each injured child represents at least 2 to 20 new Health Freedom Advocates, as family member of the injured child become political; willing to fight tooth and nail against Big Pharma and their products. The medical cartel may feel the time to ram mandates down the throats of the public is now or never. As the resistance grows day-by-day Big Pharma is panicking.

According to J.B. Handley in his phenomenal landmark book “HOW TO END THE AUTISM EPIDEMIC,” in 2017 Big Pharma was forecasting profits of $60 billion by the year 2020. However today, in 2019, they are forecasting $50 billion by the year 2024. That may not seem like a big deal to the average person, but to Big Pharma that is a true crisis for their bottom line. Anything that will slow down profits is their enemy. What might be slowing down profits?

Parents. Smart, informed, healthy, spiritual &/or religious parents. Tens of millions of parents no longer follow the CDC vaccine schedule, which equates to millions if not billions of lost profits for Big Pharma. A small minority of 1 to 3% of parents utilize religious or philosophical exemptions to avoid vaccinating their children, which may not seem to be much but it has a ripple effect. Every time there is a completely unvaccinated child who grows up healthy and happy (as they all do) that child is an advertisement to everyone they meet that perhaps vaccines are unnecessary, and that’s horrible PR for Big Pharma. They need that to stop immediately, hence the push for vaccine mandates which means they need to do two things. 1) Errode parental rights so that the “Nanny State” can force vaccination on children, and, 2) end free speech.

Ending Internet Free Speech

Many of us have always known freedom of speech on the internet would eventually be targeted and destroyed. Conservatives have felt a big brunt of this targeting by “Liberals” who just a few decades ago were the biggest supporters of free speech in the country – perhaps in the world. Oh how the times have changed! Personally I never saw this one coming from “Liberals,” but it has come and here we are. It’s a national disgrace and all “Liberals” who do not publicly condemn censorship should be ashamed of themselves.

While many Conservative voices have certainly been targeted, nothing has been put in the cross hairs like vaccines. The national – and even international – coordinated attack on vaccine skeptics is the most frightening attack on free speech I have seen in the past 20 years. Amazon is purging vaccine skeptic books and movies, Google is purging vaccine skeptic search results, Facebook is purging vaccine skeptic posts and groups. Meanwhile federal and state governments have launched intense legislative campaigns against religious & philosophical exemptions to vaccination. Rockland County became America’s first Medical Tyranny Police State in March of 2019, though the courts swiftly knocked it down. Nevertheless Dictator de Blasio in NYC decided to one-up Ed Day in Rockland by making vaccines mandatory for everyone (adults too) in 4 zip codes targeting Jews (nothing biased about that!).

Globally things look just as bad for Health Freedom Advocates. The World Health Organization has declared “vaccine hesitancy” one of the top-10 worldwide threats. Dr. Peter Hotez has called vaccine skeptics a “hate group” that hates their families and their children. If vaccine skeptics are ever officially designated as a “hate group” they will fall victim to the laws that govern hate speech and hate crimes. Hotez is the mouthpiece for the Gates Foundation and the global vaccine agenda. You have to ask yourself – why are vaccines the first free speech issue to be targeted so intensely? Why does this domino need to fall first?

The Brave New Society?

I believe the answer to this is mandatory vaccination will lead to other injectable biologic & technologics being force injected into people, including mandatory microchipping.

People are volunteering to get microchip implants right now for “convenience” at their jobs; they can start their cars with the chip, swipe into work, maintain security clearances, etc. However a microchip in a human body is insanely powerful. Essentially it can perform many “surveillance & intervention” functions. It can surveil your heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and breathing patterns just to name a few and more importantly, it can be used to remotely intervene in those functions. Signals can be directed to the microchip to slow, or speed up, your heart rate among other biological functions. The mandatory microchip will be said to be essential for maintaining the good health of the entire populace – it will be for “the greater good” just as mandatory vaccination is said to be.

If we lose on vaccines we will completely lose the right to sovereignty over our own bodies. There is no such thing as freedom if we are not free to determine what is and is not injected into us. But imagine a scenario where the climate crashes (I don’t care what the trigger is for this) and the coastlines are ravaged; there will be a massive dash of people fleeing the coasts for higher land.

Gary Null is an extremely prominent alternative health advocate and vaccine skeptic who has hosted The Gary Null Show for over 40 years. He runs The Progressive Radio Network at On one of his broadcasts in early 2019 Dr. Null posited a future where climate crash has destroyed the coastlines. He claims there are already “green zones” that the elite have purchased and will designate as “safe zones” when the time comes. Those who want to be in the “green/safe zone” must remain loyal to the elites that control the land. Think of it as a new serfdom or a new feudalism. Those people will be “protected” and monitored with an implantable microchip. The microchip will hold all pertinent information about them, including their history of vaccination. If you have the chip you will be allowed into the safety of the community. If you don’t you will not. In this scenario, people may beg to be injected with a microchip (and vaccinated) so that they may live as a serf in a designated “green zone” similar to how people are volunteering for implants to start their car or pass security checkpoints at work today.

I know this is a startling dystopian future to think of, and hopefully no such thing will ever occur. However do not kid yourself into thinking that there are not elite think tanks war gaming scenarios such as this one and trying to steer society in directions to match their plans. If there is no climate crash scenario in the next 10 years we will see mandatory microchip implants legislated similar to the way vaccine legislation is rolling out today state-by-state.

What other wonderful ‘injectables’ will they come up with next?