DO NOT REPEAL Religious Exemption to VACCINATION! Send to your NY State Officials:

Below is a sample of a letter that all New Yorkers can use to send to their state Senators & Assemblymen/women to let them know you do *not* support repealing the Religious Exemption to vaccination in New York State. Simply add your name, address, and contact info and email it to your representatives, and to Governor Cuomo. Have an even bigger impact by *printing out* your letter and snail-mail it. That really gets their attention.

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Dear ____________________________________:

Some legislators in Albany are trying to dismantle religious freedom by using Mayor de Blasio’s scare tactic in Brooklyn to revoke all Religious Exemptions to vaccination. Some legislators are also trying to allow medical procedures to be performed on children without parental consent, by taking away parental rights to make medical choices for their children. I want to take this opportunity to voice my strong opposition to all of the following bills:

S2994 (Hoylman)/A02371 (Dinowitz)– ends the Religious Exemption for vaccination in New York

S22S76 (Hoylman)/A2316 (Dinowitz) – makes annual flu shots mandatory for pre-school & daycare

S298A (Hoylman)/A2912 (Paulin)– makes Gardasil (HPV) mandatory to attend school

S3899 (Krueger)/A973 (Paulin)– allows minors to be given vaccines for sexually-transmitted diseases without parental knowledge or consent

S2444 (Krueger)/A6564 (Fahy)– allows minors fourteen and older to obtain any vaccine required to attend school in NY without parental knowledge or consent

RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION and Religious Freedom — There is absolutely no reason to remove the religious exemption. It has existed in our state for decades and, despite what some try to claim, it has never caused any public health problems or concerns and still doesn’t. Unvaccinated people are now being portrayed as sick people, and that is simply a lie. In fact no one is talking about the reality that when people are vaccinated the virus can “shed” and be passed on to others, and often people who have been vaccinated still contract the disease. For example we now know that during the Disneyland measles outbreak in 2015 of the 194 cases of reported measles, 73 were identified as vaccine sequence, as published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology. ( It is also unconstitutional to deny citizens the ability to follow their own personally held religious beliefs. To repeal this law would violate the 1st and 14th amendments of the US Constitution as well as violate the New York Constitution.

I am requesting a response from you stating your position on these issues. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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