Today I am officially FED UP!

I am a Registered Democrat and have considered myself to be a “progressive” most of my adult life. However in the past week one of the most prominent “Progressive Democrats” in New York has declared medical tyranny on 4 zip codes in NYC demanding everyone be force injected with Merck’s MMR vaccine. This is progressive?

No. I’m Fed Up. I am done. I have no allegiance to anything any longer other than what is right, just and free. I am watching my country divulge into something unrecognizable and I’ve had enough. No one is free if they are not free to determine what does and does not get injected directly into their muscle tissue. I stand with all who agree with me on this point, and no matter how divergent our opinions are on other matters I could care less.





#WillYou …force inject the populace like cattle?