From Rita Palma:


Please call Senator Gustavo Rivera’s office. He is the chairman of the Senate Health Committee in Albany, NY. His office is taking a tally on whether you are FOR or whether you OPPOSE Bill S2994. They also will take your name, phone number and zip code. PLEASE CALL AND TELL THEM YOU OPPOSE BILL S2994! This is very important. Senator Rivera can end this whole mandatory vaccination bill! (718) 933- 2034

What is Bill S2994?

Bill S2994 is currently in the Health Committee in Albany, NY. This bill would end the religious exemption to vaccination in New York, forcing children to be vaccinated even if their parents have a sincere religious belief that compels them to not vaccinate their children. Only 1 to 3% of the population uses this exemption and they pose absolutely no threat to the public health at large in any way. Read what Harvard trained immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych says: Unvaccinated Children Post No Threat to Anyone

Please call Senator Gustavo Rivera’s office now to oppose this bill – (718) 933-2034