Governor Cuomo Has Felt Our Pressure

April 30, 2019 — UPDATE – Gov Cuomo comes out in support of repealing the religious exemption to vaccination:

But wait, no, he’s not quite in support of it:

This proves the point I made on Cuomo in the below opinion piece to a tee. He is a political creature, and only acts upon what he deems to be politically beneficial to him in the moment. You never know with this guy. It is always wait and see with him as he rarely seems to have a true opinion of his own. The opinion piece I wrote two weeks ago below seems to be holding very true:


April 15, 2019 — It’s no secret Cuomo hates de Blasio.

When de Blasio declared an “emergency” to force vaccinate New Yorkers Cuomo immediately questioned whether or not such a declaration was legal and stated it was going to be challenged in the courts. He did not reveal his position on vaccine mandates, but he made sure to recognize that de Blasio was challenging New Yorkers 1st amendment religious freedoms.

Some have said that Cuomo made this statement because he hates de Blasio, but that is not why. He made the statement because Cuomo has been getting hundreds, if not thousands of letters from constituents like myself letting him know how completely we oppose vaccine mandates. Cuomo knows there is strong opposition to this throughout New York State, de Blasio does not know that. Laws governing vaccines are passed at the state level, not city. So no one was writing letters to de Blasio about vaccination policy (not until last week anyway). Governor Cuomo has felt the pressure from Health Freedom advocates that oppose mandatory vaccination laws, and he is playing it safe.

Cuomo is Clintonian – meaning he licks his thumb and holds it in the air to see which way the political wind is blowing before he allows himself to have an opinion on anything. When state testing in elementary and middle schools became almost as difficult as the MCATs, Cuomo made an appearance at Nassau Coliseum during a Billy Joel concert and was booed off the stage. He immediately used his political weight to change state testing policies. When Cuomo was challenged by Cynthia Nixon in the Democratic primaries he became the most “progressive” Dem in NY. Now he is slowly sliding back to center because he believes the Democrats will lose the seats they gained in the suburbs during the midterm elections if they keep leaning hard left. He recently signed the DREAM Act three months after it passed the legislature, but did so quietly with no fanfare. Now he is working just as quietly to stop DRIVERS LICENSES FOR ALL as he believes the political capital for Democrats passing partisan legislation with no Republican support in Albany is just about used up.

Where does that leave Cuomo on vaccine legislation?

I don’t know and quite frankly, he doesn’t know either. His thumb is in the air, still wet but soon to dry in the breeze. The amazing Rita Palma has just reported that there is no longer one single Republican sponsor on any of the vaccine mandate bills currently in Albany. Vaccine mandates are officially a partisan issue in New York, and Cuomo does not feel too hot about partisan politics at this moment in time. That is just right now. There is still much to play out. There is much we don’t know, such as how much has Big Pharma put into Cuomo’s war chest? Would love for someone to post more about that in the comments.

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