Letter to “Justice Democrats” on Vaccines – I never got a response.

Update April 28, 2019 — Eventually, I did get a response but only from Sandy Menor, who works for the Justice Democrats. Read that here

I never got a response from AOC or any other elected Justice Democrat.


This is a very important topic that no one has addressed yet – just what is the “Justice Democrats” position on vaccination policy in America and mandatory vaccination? It is a crucial question, as this group of progressive Democrats show all signs of growing in number and in power. Back in February when I saw Alexandria Ocasio Cortez take on Big Pharma to their faces in Congressional Hearings I was extremely hopeful! I thought this was an opportunity to breach the topic of vaccination with her and her supporters.

I sent the below letter to AOC by email, through her official congressional portal, and by snail-mail to both her local office in Queens as well as her D.C. office. I sent emails & snail-mail to the cc’d Justice Democrats as well. I have heard nothing from any of them.


It is possible that these women do not make their own decision on what their policy is regarding vaccination. There are those who suggest that all Justice Democrats merely follow the Justice Democrat platform to a tee, and are “not allowed” to deviate from that platform. I am not going to accept that as gospel just yet. It may be true, but more time needs to pass before I can say that is or is not the case. However one thing I can say is that the below members of Congress need to be held accountable on federal vaccination policy. Please send this link to them, and the below letter, especially if you are a constituent of theirs, and demand that they respond to you so that we know where they stand on vaccine policy and mandatory vaccination in America.

OR you can send this letter to the Justice Democrats


Please send me any-and-all responses you receive so that I may post them at this blog.


Now here’s my letter…

February 1, 2019

Dear Alexandria Ocasio Cortez,

cc – Congresswomen Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib

As an American I want to thank you for taking on Big Pharma within weeks of getting into office. Your passion, bravery and intelligence are quite simply awe-inspiring! As a father I feel the need to bring up another issue regarding Big Pharma corruption that goes widely overlooked – the issue of vaccines. The US should have a vaccination policy similar to Japan, where children begin receiving vaccines after the age of 2. However Big Pharma would lose billions of dollars if we did that in the US. Below I list facts in bullet points that support this statement. None of these points are speculation, they are hard facts that can be easily backed up with credible documentation. I have researched this topic for the past 20 years. If you wish to get references for this information I would be very happy to send you sources and original documentation supporting all of the following facts:

  • French Nobel Prize-winning virologist, Luc Montagnier, who discovered the HIV virus, has said “no one should vaccinate their child before 2 years of age.”
  • Japan’s vaccine schedule is in line with this, vaccinating only after 2 years of age
  • USA vaccine schedule can give up to 40 vaccines before 1 year of age
  • Japanese children receive far less vaccines than USA children
  • Japanese children are among the healthiest in the developed world
  • USA children are the unhealthiest in all of the developed world
  • USA gives Hepatitis B vaccine on first day of life
  • USA has highest rate of baby deaths on first day of life in the developed world
  • Japan has a rate of SIDS that is almost ZERO
  • USA has 3,000 to 7,000 SIDS deaths every year
  • Over 50% of USA children have some form of autoimmune disease
  • The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has studied over 170 diseases possibly linked to vaccines
  • Vaccines are the ONLY Pharma product citizens cannot sue over
  • Ronald Reagan gave vaccine makers immunity from lawsuits in the 1980s
  • There is a special “Vaccine Court” in D.C. that caps penalties
  • Over $4 billion has been paid to families of vaccine injured children in this special court even with the cap on payouts
  • According to the CDC, multiple-thousands of children are injured or killed by vaccines every year (as published in the VAERS reporting system)
  • CDC, HHS & FDA officials have admitted the VAERS numbers are only a small percentage of true total injuries
  • In vaccine court, families have received money for their children developing Autism after vaccination, but it is not explicitly stated as such
  • Hannah Poling is one such famous case of Autism induced by vaccines, but they hid it with the word “encephalopathy” (which means brain swelling/damage)
  • Congress declared vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” in 1986 legislation.
  • The Supreme Court cited the 1986 legislation saying vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth
  • Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Sonia Sotomayor were the only two Justices to vote AGAINST Big Pharma in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth
  • Recently in court HHS had to admit they never conducted even 1 study on vaccine safety when they were required by law to do bi-annual studies over the past 30 years!
  • William Thompson is a CDC whistleblower who still works for CDC
  • Thompson brought out documentation showing the CDC conducted a study connecting the MMR vaccine to Autism
  • That study linked MMR to Autism at the highest rates in African American boys
  • CDC scientists attempted to burn all documentation of the study (literally, burn it!)
  • Congressman Bill Posey (R-Florida) has done honorable work trying to get Thompson’s story onto the floor of Congress.
  • Big Pharma has such complete control of Congress, Posey has not been able to get Thompson to testify in Congress even though he is still a CDC employee!!!
  • Millions of parents – particularly millions of mothers – say they saw their children injured or die after receiving vaccines, especially when receiving multiple vaccines at one time, and especially when fully vaccinated to the CDC’s currently recommended schedule

Thank you so much for reading through these bullet points. This is an issue that demands attention and action by our elected officials. Some of the actions I believe need to happen are:

  • Revoke Big Pharma’s immunity from vaccine injury lawsuits in open court
  • Create an independent scientific body to investigate CDC & NIH links to Big Pharma
  • Create a vaccine schedule that starts at age 2, like Japan
  • Justice Democrats should connect with Congressman Posey & REALLY ROCK D.C. !

The US needs to adopt a more common sense vaccination policy similar to that of Japan, however to do so would cost Big Pharma $BILLIONS$ of dollars, and they will do everything in their power to stop such a commonsense vaccine policy from occurring in this country. This is about the health and well-being of American children, which has been deteriorating drastically since 1990. There are few members of Congress who are not under Big Pharma’s thumb on this issue. Unfortunately it seems there are more Republicans willing to listen to the truth about this topic then Democrats. I am hoping that changes with the new wave of warriors we have in D.C. now – led by you! Many of our politicians have been supporting the current vaccination campaign for so long they are afraid to say they may have been wrong. None of you have that problem!!! If you could work across the aisle with Republican Congressman Bill Posey who has done fantastic work fighting for the rights of innocent children, I believe we would finally move towards being a healthier nation that better protects our most vulnerable citizens – our children.

If there is anything I can do to assist anyone in your office in getting the facts on this issue, or answer any questions, I would love to help. Thank you so much for all the amazing work you are doing – women like you make me feel safe in the world and proud to be an American!


The Fed Up Democrat

2 thoughts on “Letter to “Justice Democrats” on Vaccines – I never got a response.

  1. I finally got a response from a woman named Sandy Menor, Support Team Director for the Justice Democrats, in regards to vaccination policy. Below is that email. I sent 4 questions to Sandy Menor that I am waiting for a response to, and when I get it I will publish another blog post on all the information I obtain:



    We believe all people should be vaccinated unless medically unable to do so. Public health and safety should always be the first concern. ​The current epidemic is evidence what happens when people ignore the greater good of fellow citizens and the vulnerable.

    Your email addresses to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez were both incorrect so she has not gotten anything until now. I forwarded to her office and I hope that you will hear from her soon. You can fill out an email to her office if you live in her district at https://ocasio-cortez.house.gov/contact

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    In solidarity,
    Sandy Menor
    Support Team Director


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