Dangerous Court Precedent

by Fed Up Democrat

April 18, 2019 –– Today’s ruling in Brooklyn upholding NYC’s forced vaccination policy may have set a dangerous precedent where Judge Lawrence Knipel declared, “A fireman need not obtain the informed consent of the owner before extinguishing a house fire…Vaccination is known to extinguish the fire of contagion.”


So in this case the State is the fireman and the house on fire is an individual human being’s body. While informed consent may not be required when it comes to fighting fires, it *is* legally required in any medical procedure. Vaccination is a medical procedure and therefore informed consent is required. The judge’s analogy is incorrect.

Everyone has lost sight of the fact that this is measles we are talking about, not smallpox. We have not had a single death from measles in over a decade yet the MMR vaccine itself has been responsible for over 100 deaths that we know about in that same time period. We are very close to the “fire” of measles being declared illegal, meaning measles parties are on the verge of being declared a criminal act. My parents vividly remember both measles and chickenpox parties as children, which give life-long immunity to those infected. Apparently life-long immunity is too dangerous to allow free humans to decide to have for themselves or their children.

According to Courthouse News:

“Because (Attorney) Krakow (representing parents) did not provide specifics for what a “better, safer or more efficient alternative” solution might look like, Judge Knipel determined the anonymous parents had not proven the vaccination order was “arbitrary and capricious,” as they’d claimed.”

What about basic quarantining of those who get measles, instead of criminalizing healthy adults and children?

A dangerous precedent has been set in NYC today. The only good part of this case was that NYC voluntarily got rid of the criminal charges for those who do not comply with the order, however I believe the $1,000 fine still stands. Robert Krakow said, “The criminal penalties are not being enforced, they are not in the order. That was the worst part of the initial order, the most unclear part, and that’s out now. So I think we won,” said Robert Krakow.” This was reported earlier today at the following link:


However after Judge Knipel released his ruling newyork.cbslocal.com pulled down it’s reporting. I had read the article and tweeted a few quotes from it earlier today:

In my opinion, the parents involved in this case need to file a complaint with Health and Human Services at the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division:. It is unlikely anything will be done about this by HHS, but it is worth an attempt.


5 thoughts on “Dangerous Court Precedent

  1. A comment sent to me from Alaina:

    I am confused about the continuing DeBlasio order. I understand that on Tuesday the criminal charges were removed. But, I also heard that the fine was changed from a flat $1,000 to $1,000 a day. Is that right? Do you have any more sources/info to clarify?

    My Response:

    I did not hear the fine was changed to $1,000 per day. If I find any documentation to confirm or refute that I will post it at this blog –FED UP DEM


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