New Strategy for NYers- “We will vote you OUT!”

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The below was re-posted at Rita Palma’s Facebook page 17 hours ago. It is a great strategy for those who can do it. In summary, they were able to get 100+ constituents to sign a letter saying if their rep votes YES to repeal the religious exemption (bill S2994) they will vote them out next election. Very informative and inspiring!

I will not mention the Senator now but there is a letter going to them shortly that if they vote yes for the discriminatory and unconstitutional bill that is 2994 they will not be supported and WILL be voted out come election time. Despina Schwager got the letter together and started at her Church, that was 60. We then went around last night driving to get more signatures. We drove for hours to people’s homes, we were getting messages as we were in route of others sending us addresses of friends and family, we went to everyone we got. The letter is now 100+ signatures and still going. I have been out this morning and got another page filled and still have to get a couple of more later, Despina will be getting more later as well. We will be out again tonight collecting also. This is a message to this elected official. This is all constituents in their district!!. Our senator was not happy to say the least when originally 40 people showed at their office. Now 100+ of your constituents guaranteeing in writing they will be voted out should set panic.

The point to this all is do not give up, we have gotten people that were in the shadows that have come out. We have gotten people that were not online. Get boots to the ground. If you have firm no’s or undecided get this going to your officials if you can. This all happened very quickly with us. We can all send our individual letters, calls stating they would not have our vote but to see so many at once can be impactful also. Someone will have to put boots to the ground for something like this though. If they can not get to you, you get to them. Do not give up!! Time is critical and we must use what we have wisely. Keep up the fight everyone … Do not be afraid or feel you can not do something, no matter how small it might seem. If there was ever a time, now is the time to ask yourself are you a subject, an experiment or a free citizen. Fight for your RIGHTS! – Pam