Continue the Pressure – CALL and WRITE ALBANY REPS: VOTE NO on BILL S2994 !!!!

April 25, 2019 — I have many other news reports, original reports, links and info to publish here, but I am holding off because the most important of all remains to contact your Albany reps at their home offices: they are home today and tomorrow and return to Albany Monday. Over the weekend I will post some new important info at this blog, but for now everyone needs to just keep up the pressure!!!

Tell Albany DO NOT repeal the Religious Exemption to vaccination.Follow all the instructions at this link:

Vote NO on Bill S2994 !!!!

TWO points I would like to add to the above link:

#1 – Show up at your reps office today or tomorrow – that has the most impact of all.

#2 – When you show up hand deliver a letter that you have signed saying you do not support the Religious Exemption to Vaccination being repealed.

If you can’t hand deliver the letter, mail it snail-mail. This has a much bigger impact than emails. Phone calls are good as well. Keep calling and follow the instructions at the above link.

Fed Up Democrat