Rita Palma was ELECTRIC on the Gary Null Show!

Rita Palma at a protest in Rockland County, NY

April 26 2019 — Rita Palma, founder of MyKidsMyChoice.com was interviewed on the Gary Null show today. Although the spot was quick, it was electric! In case you missed it go listen here:


Rita is introduced and her bio is read at the very beginning of show, but she is not interviewed till the very end. During the interview Gary offered to donate all of his DVD’s on vaccines and vaccination to be given to every legislator in Albany for free. Those DVD’s include:

Silent Epidemic:

Deadly Deception:

AUTISM: Made in the USA

These are all very powerful, hard hitting documentaries that are well sourced and include interviews with leading experts on vaccination.

Gary & Rita were also able to promote the MAY 14th Rally & Lobby Day in Albany. Get more info on the Rally & Lobby Day here:http://mykidsmychoice.com/index.html