Ed Day Goes To Albany Monday – Promoting Repeal of Religious Exemption

Ed Duh

April 27, 2019 — The man who responded to 4 active cases of measles in his county by *not* quarantining the people with measles, but rather banning healthy unvaccinated children from public spaces – Ed Day – is headed to Albany to promote bill S2994, which will repeal the religious exemption to vaccination.

Well Rita Palma & John Gilmore are headed to Albany Monday as well!

If you have any chance at heading to Albany to support the efforts of of Rita & John as they counter the propaganda of Ed Day on behalf of every freedom loving New Yorker and American, please contact Rita Palma at ritapalma@mykidsmychoice.com.

Don’t let Ed Day go to Albany without being challenged by freedom loving Americans who don’t consent to forced medical procedures.




One thought on “Ed Day Goes To Albany Monday – Promoting Repeal of Religious Exemption

  1. You know what’s really infuriating about his statement, the RE does not require a recognized religion to ban exemptions, it’s a personal religious exemption. It’s crazy making that these politicians are saying this stuff and trying to affect law based on falsehoods about the actual laws themselves!

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