Letter to AOC on Vaccines Forwarded to Justice Dems

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Since I didn’t receive a real response from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) when I wrote a letter to her asking for her position on federal vaccination policy, I forwarded that letter to the leadership of the Justice Democrats, and cc’d all of the email addresses I had to attempt to get it to AOC and her staff as well.

I *strongly* encourage everyone who reads this to send my letter, published here:
https://thefedupdemocrat.home.blog/2019/04/16/letter-to-justice-democrats-on-vaccines-i-never-got-a-response/ to all of the below email addresses. If the Justice Democrats are not pushed to reveal what their position on federal vaccination policy is, they will simply never reveal it until it is too late. We must apply pressure to get them on the record.

Begin Email

from:Fed Up Democrat <thefedupdemocrat@gmail.com>
date:Apr 27, 2019, 7:47 AM
subject:Justice Democrats & Vaccination Policy


I am a blogger from New York who a few months back reached out to AOC & other prominent female Justice Dems in Congress voicing my concerns about vaccine policy in America. My main point was that America needs to adopt a federal vaccination policy similar to Japan’s.

I never received a response from AOC (or any of the Justice Dems,) even though I live in Queens, NY. While I am not providing my name and identity in this email or on my blog, my letter at the time was not anonymous. This is a critical issue – where do Justice Dems stand on vaccination policy? Since I received no response, I am slowly beginning to promote my letter that was not responded to and will ask others to do the same. It is published here:


Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you in regards to this important issue.


Fed Up Democrat