ACTION ALERT for 4-29-19

Rita Palma of MY KIDS, MY CHOICE has put out the below action alert for today. The formatting is a little off because I had to get this up quickly — nevertheless we got our marching orders – LET’S DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rockland County Executive Ed Day- the genius who banned healthy, unvaccinated students from public spaces but did nothing about the active measles cases for months – will be visiting YOUR lawmakers on Monday, April 29th to encourage them to support repealing the religious waiver to immunizations and superceding your right to raise your children in accord with your beliefs. Please CALL AND EMAIL your own reps and Health Committee members (listed below)  and encourage them to ask Ed Day these fair questions: 

●     Why did you ban unvaccinated kids from public spaces yet did not quarantine active cases in Rockland…for months?

●     What was the number of active measles cases in Rockland County on March 26th, the day of the ban? Answer: 4

●     How many active measles cases in RC April 5th? Answer: 3

●     How many active measles cases in RC April 12th? Answer: 5

●     How many times did you appeal the order to freeze the ban? How many times did you lose? Answer: 3 (All different judges)

●     Do you know the strain(s) of measles in your county-  and do you know there are many strains & the US vaccine does not work for all?

●     Do you know that if a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak occurs at a school, the unvaccinated students can’t attend?

●     Do you know that religious exemptions only represent a FRACTION (1/10) of the ALL unvaccinated students in NY? 90% of the unvaccinated DO NOT have religious exemptions.

●     Why is it that a person CANNOT now call the Rockland County Department of Health and obtain the number of active measles cases?

●     Why are you blocking those who disagree with you from posting on social media when the courts have held that elected officials may not block comments?

●     Why do you state repeatedly there are no religions that object to some or all vaccines, or believe that such decisions must be made by parents, when, in fact, many religions hold these beliefs including Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Scientists, Amish, Old Order Mennonites, Dutch Reformed,  Seventh Day Adventists, Russian Orthodox, Muslims, Roman Catholics, Hasidic Jews, and others?

●     Why do you keep claiming there is no religion that prohibits vaccines, when according to New York law, the personal religious interpretation of the parent is all that matters?

ASSEMBLY HEALTH COMMITTEE MEMBERS TO CALL/ EMAIL (CALL MAIN # at 518-455-4100 and ask for the rep) 

PLEASE EMAIL THEM THE ABOVE QUESTIONS (click on name, will take you to their contact info!)

Thomas J. Abinanti
Jake Ashby
Charles Barron
Rodneyse Bichotte
Edward C. Braunstein
Kevin M. Byrne
Marjorie Byrnes
Kevin A. Cahill
Steven Cymbrowitz
Jeffrey Dinowitz
Sandy Galef
Andrew R. Garbarino
Aileen M. Gunther
Andrew Hevesi
Ellen Jaffee
Ron Kim
David G. McDonough
Amy Paulin
Edward P. Ra
Andrew P. Raia

Linda B. Rosentha
lNader J. Sayegh
Robin Schimminger
Michaelle C. Solages
Phil Steck

AND THE SENATE HEALTH COMMITTEE TO CALL/ EMAIL (Main # is 518-455-2800 and ask for rep):Robert Antonnaci Alessandra BiaggiBrian BenjaminDave CarlucciPatrick GallivanBrad HoylmanChris Jacobs Todd KaminskyBetty Little Jen MetzgerVelmanette MontgomeryPatty RitchieGustavo Rivera (Chair) Julia SalazarToby Ann Stavisky