Big Win in Albany Health Committee!

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Senator Gustavo Rivera & Assemblyman Richard Gottfried; Heads of Senate & Assembly Health Committees in Albany, NY

New Yorkers Activism Stops Bill!

*UPDATE* May 9, 2019 — Our “big win” may be short lived. It is being reported that Assemblyman Hevesi flipped back to supporting revoking the religious exemption to vaccination. Call his offices! Tell him not to support A2371:
District 28: Hevesi (Forest Hills)

And call ALL of the Assemblymen & women listed at the end of this report.

*Also come to Rally for Vaccine Rights in Albany, NY, May 14th – click link for more info:

May 1, 2019 — Yesterday in the Assembly Health Committee bill A6847 was just barely blocked in a 13-to-13 vote. A bill needs 14 votes to leave the committee, so that means this bill is dead.

What was bill A6847?

A6847 would have created a centralized database to track all adult vaccinations in New York. This was an ominous foreshadowing of something many of us know could eventually be proposed in Albany – mandatory adult vaccination for all New Yorkers. We are not there yet, but that is where we are headed if we don’t stop the erosion of our health & religious freedoms.

But thankfully A6847 did not pass!

This is a testament to all of you who have been writing letters, sending emails, making phone calls, and most importantly meeting face-to-face with your representatives and helping to educate them on the facts surrounding vaccines and vaccination policy. Our democracy is not yet completely broken.

One shining example of this is just a few days ago on April 26th, Rita Palma, Dr. Larry Palevsky and constituents met with Democratic Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi, all seen in this below picture posted on Facebook:

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Assemblyman Hevesi was in support of a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Dinowitz to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination, bill A2371. By the end of the conversation it was reported that Hevesi stated unless Dinowitz can prove to him that it is unvaccinated children who have a religious exemption that are the cause of the spread of measles, he will vote *no* on the bill. Just four days later Hevesi voted no to A6847 which as mentioned earlier would create a centralized database tracking adult vaccinations throughout all of New York State. Our efforts are making a huge difference! Don’t stop what you are doing!!!

But this isn’t over yet – there are many, many more pieces of legislation coming up for votes in the Health Committee designed to force vaccine mandates on New Yorkers. You need to keep up the fight!

All of the Republicans in the Health Committee voted no, and 6 Democrats bravely and correctly joined them in voting no. The Republicans included Ashby, Byrne, Byrnes, Garbarino, McDonough, Ra, and Raia. The brave Democrats who joined them included Abinanti, Barron, Kim, Hevesi, Schimminger, and Solages. Their phone numbers are listed below.

Please call and thank each of them for voting down A6847, and ask them to please vote NO on A2371, the Assembly bill to repeal the Religious Exemption to Vaccination. I’ve only listed the Democrat phone numbers below as they are the most important at this point in time. It appears the Republicans are unanimously on the right side of all the upcoming pieces of vaccination legislation.

District 92: Abinanti (Tarrytown)

District 60: Barron (Brooklyn)

District 40: Kim (Flushing)

District 28: Hevesi (Forest Hills)

District 140: Schimminger (Kenmore)

District 22: Solages (Valley Stream)

Find more info on Assembly Health Committee members here: