The Great Outdoors

Talking about Vaccine Laws in Public

May 5, 2019 — I decided to promote the May 14th Lobby & Rally Day for Vaccine Rights & Vaccine Injury in Albany, NY at a health food store in Queens, NY. I had a great experience as well as a very frightening one.

I was parking my car when I saw a man trying to feed the meter with a dollar bill. I explained to him he could only use quarters or a credit card and, being a true city boy, I had about $5,000 in quarters on me. He thanked me as I gave him 4 quarters for his dollar.

“Are you going to this health food store?” I asked him.

“Yes,” was the reply. So I decided to try my pitch on him and the woman he was with.

“I don’t know if you are aware of this, but there is a bill in Albany right now that would allow children to get vaccinated without their parents consent.”

“No that can’t happen. It’s illegal,” was his response.

“It’s illegal today, but by next week it may become law.”

He was astonished. I handed him and his companion a flyer and they were both very happy to get the information. They thanked me as they left and walked into the health food store to shop.

I went into the store myself and found an employee to talk to. I asked her if there was somewhere I could leave my flyers because there were new laws trying to be passed that would force vaccinations on people and allow children to get vaccinated without parental consent. She was listening attentively.

“OH SURE! We have ancient diseases coming back because of horrible people like you!”

I turned and saw an overweight bald man with a beard buying organic produce beginning to scream at me, even though I was not speaking to him in any fashion. He wouldn’t stop.

“People like you are killing people. The island of St. Lucia was 100% free of measles until people like you decided to kill people.” His statements were very disjointed, often illogical and always loaded with rage.

“I’m not anti-vaccine,” I said.

“Yes you are!” was his reply.

It is really surprising to see someone believe they have either the knowledge or the right to tell a stranger what they think and believe.

“No, I am not. However there is a bill in Albany that will allow children to get vaccinated without their parents knowing.”

“That’s a lie, you’re a liar.”

“No, it’s not a lie.” I took out a document that had the bill# and description on it to show him. I again read what the bill would do if it became law.

  • S3899 (Krueger)/A973 (Paulin)– allows minors to be given vaccines for sexually-transmitted diseases without parental knowledge or consent

for more info on this bill go here:

“Their parents should know what they are doing anyway,” was his reply.

What?! Was I liar, or was I telling the truth and now we were debating about good parenting vs. parental rights?

This man had no problem making any statement whatsoever to feel correct in his ideological position without talking about facts. Anything to avoid the scary world of “facts & logic.” He didn’t care about facts. He didn’t care if I was telling the truth or not: As far as he was concerned I was “anti-vaccine,” I was a “horrible person,” and I was responsible for “killing people.” The impact of mainstream brainwashing via propaganda in America is astounding!

In that health food store I estimate the customers are likely split in half, 50/50 on the question of vaccine rights and safety. Unfortunately the vast majority will not take the time to engage on the issue or do a single thing about it. One woman said to me, “Well, I don’t have young children anymore and I don’t know anyone who does. Unfortunately I did vaccinate my daughter but she turned out fine.” I explained that her child only got about 16 vaccines, and today children can get up to 70. She understood the danger in that, but had no interest in taking a flyer.

“The Great Outdoors” of the concrete jungle is a tough place to wage this battle and debate for the hearts & minds of Americans, but it is something we need to do when we can.