Enforcing Forced Vaccination

By Fed Up Democrat

May 2019 — Free American citizens in Brooklyn are being compelled to vaccinate and if they don’t there are punishments. How will these punishments be enforced?

The above letter seems to be what is being sent to parents of allegedly unvaccinated children in the mandated zip codes of Brooklyn. I haven’t seen the physical letter myself yet. Does it really have a rainbow and smiling sun wearing sunglasses under the letterhead? Idk… (jk)

Read de Blasio’s own words in regards to what NYC has done and plans to do to enforce vaccine mandates:


We are just beginning to see what the enforcement looks like. de Blasio has taken out the criminal charges in the order, and some have viewed that as a “victory.” It’s a foreshadowing of what is to come. If we do not wage a powerful force against Big Pharma one day refusal of vaccination will be a punishable crime.

“The New York City Health Department has issued summonses to three people for flouting an emergency order to vaccinate their children for measles” according to reporting from Pix 11.

Health Department issues summonses to 3 parents over measles vaccine

These individuals may be liable for a $1,000 fine, possibly $2,000 if they do not show up in court. On Twitter I saw a tweet alleging NYC has issued 38 such summons so far (I wonder if they have rainbows and smiling sunshine too).


Reports in April stated men in blue Health Department jackets were going door to door to find those who may have been exposed to measles and the unvaccinated. Brian Shilhavy writing at vaccineimpact.com has produced a critically important piece detailing what NYC Health Authorities are doing to track down unvaccinated Jews in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


This report will be updated as we find out exactly what penalties are and are not carried out on free Americans standing up for their rights to maintain Health Freedom