Twitter Shadow-Bans Vaccine Rights Rally?

May 8, 2019 — The website cannot be tweeted on any Twitter account. You can’t even direct message it to another individual Twitter user. This site’s sole purpose is to promote a rally for vaccine rights in Albany, NY on May 14th.

When I try to tweet it, the website itself is marked as SPAM. Multiple Twitter users have attempted to tweet and direct message the website in multiple formats and none have worked (tweets linked below). Why would this website be flagged as SPAM?

This is a very important rally, perhaps so important there are attempts to be suppress it. It’s of interest that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s own brothers and niece wrote a piece published in Politico today slamming his stance on vaccination, 6 days before he comes to Albany to rally & lobby with us. The hit piece was quickly picked up by the NY Times and is running on television evening news. The timing is purposeful, attempting to ruin Bobby Kennedy’s credibility right as he heads to Albany to meet with law makers.

To me that signifies that in the vaccine war New York is very important, and that the powers that be are nervous. They’ve awoken a beast, and it is coming to Albany!

This is a critical moment in New York, and the nation is paying attention, so spread the word and make sure to be there when it truly counts. I want to be able to tell my son when he grows up I was fighting for his rights when it was most important.

Here’s how you can get to Albany on May 14th:

(1) Bus to Albany – Many of us will be on this bus heading up to Albany on May 14th. Pay and reserve your seat now:

(2) For all other info on the rally click here:

Here are some of the tweets showing the website coming up as SPAM or “malicious activity.”

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