The Rising Vaccine War in NY

May 11, 2019 — NY is Ground Zero once again, but this time it’s not for “the war on terrorism;” it’s the vaccine war, and Big Pharma is pulling out all the stops. They fear the rising citizenry of NY which will be descending on Albany in a few days on May 14th, with a phenomenal line-up of speakers led by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

On May 7th, I was calling and emailing NY State Senators and their staff members to setup meetings with RFK Jr. for when he comes to Albany on the 14th. Other NY citizen activists have been doing the same thing. The very next day, May 8th, RFK Jr.’s brothers and niece wrote a hit-piece targeting him published in Politico.

Read RFK Jr.’s brief, eloquent response to his family here:

The New York Times picked up the story the same day, and NBC ran it on their evening news that very evening. This was timed perfectly, and purposefully, to discredit RFK Jr. in the eyes of Albany lawmakers; to make it seem like he is an outlier in the Kennedy family, not to be taken seriously. We know better.

At the same time we discovered our website promoting the NY rally,, was shadow-banned on Twitter. You can read about shadow-ban here:

Then on May 9th John Gilmore of out an action alert that read as follows:

Peditricians across New York sent out emails today (May 9th) to patients asking them to call the members of the New York Assembly Health Committee and ask them to vote in favor of A2371, the bill to repeal religious exemptions (to vaccination) in New York.

This is all being manipulated by Big Pharma, who is hitting NY with everything it’s got. They are afraid we might just have the power to stop them – because we do. We are about to make history in Albany on May 14th which is only the beginning. May 14th merely represents a starting point of my (and hundreds of others) dedication to this movement of Health Freedom, Religious Freedom and Parental Rights. The sabotage, dirty tricks and corruption that Big Pharma has unveiled this week is a sign of their *FEAR.* They want to win in NY because we are the Capitol of the World and have been for at least half a century. Of course there are many reasons they want to win, but NY is symbolic.

May 14th is merely one battle in this war, but it too is symbolic. Don’t miss it. Come be a part of history in the making! To get on a bus to Albany, click here: