Hevesi Staffer Wears Mask for Jews Only

May 14, 2019 — While lobbying Albany, NY today two staff members in Andrew Hevesi’s office wore a mask when orthodox Jewish constituents came into his office. Hevesi was not present when this occurred. The staffer had the mask over her face as depicted in this picture when the Orthodox Jews were in front of her, but when they left and I was there with other constituents the mask was down on her chin and her nose and mouth were exposed.

This is outrageous!

When we later mentioned this offensive behavior to another Assemblyman he said this was ridiculous because the Orthodox Jewish community has some of the highest vaccination rates in all of New York – near 98%, especially since the recent outbreak has created such a strong focus on their community.

This is what happens when we allow discrimination and segregation. The Jewish Community is being viewed as diseased and dirty, and treated with utter disrespect. The MTA in NYC is investigating allegations that Orthodox Jews are not being picked up on public buses that speed away when they see them.

Please circulate this picture, information, and comment on it and send your thoughts to Assemblyman Hevesi himself:

District Office Directions – 718-263-5595
Albany Office Directions 518-455-4926
contact via email here – https://nyassembly.gov/mem/Andrew-Hevesi/contact/

I have a full report coming tomorrow on the amazing rally we had where 1,000 people showed up in Albany, NY today. However this piece of information is too important and must get out there immediately.