Vaccine Rights Rally Rocks Albany, NY!

Del Bigtree and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Albany, NY on May 14, 2019

2,000 people attend rally in the rain!

Mainstream News covers rally

Scheduled & random meetings all day long

Assembly staffer wears masks for Jews only?

Lawmakers can no longer deny our presence

“I did a lot of work fighting police brutality back in the day. This vaccine sh*t is WAY worse!” Quote from Stanley, 26 year old African American Health Freedom Activist from Queens, NY.

May 15, 2019 — What I saw, experienced and was a part of in Albany yesterday was a turning point in New York’s Health & Religious Freedom Movement. I had been preparing for this rally since it was first announced over two months ago, yet I met others who had discovered the rally on Facebook only the night before. I saw people passionate about their religious beliefs as well as their rights to have control over their own health. Most importantly I saw so many light bulb moments for so many of these budding activists as they began to realize what it is they must do to win this battle.

And we are going to win.

Thank you Big Pharma. Thank you for pushing your insane legislation like allowing 9 year olds to get vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent. Your insanity, overzealousness and panic have created hundreds of brand new, motivated activists who would have never come out publicly if not for your unique brand of crazy. So thanks for that!

To watch the entire rally go to THE HIGHWIRE

To see the CBS coverage of the event, go here:

Our filled bus arrived in Albany and we immediately began to lobby in assembly offices. After an hour of that, we headed to the rally. The crowd was fantastic!

Love this guy!
Love this crowd!
Attorney Bob Krakow

Legendary Attorney Bob Krakow spoke at the rally and got emotional when he said that this day in Albany was “The best day of my life!” (See an interview with Krakow about the lawsuit he fought recently against NYC and Mayor de Blasio here:

Mary Holland was fantastic as always with precision accuracy on the Gardasil vaccine and new legislation in Albany that would allow children as young as 9 years old to get the Gardasil shot without parental knowledge or consent. In the past 13 years, according to the CDC, Gardasil has killed at least 480 people that we know of and permenantly disabled more than 3000!

Del Bigtree was a fire of passion! At one point a group of pharmacists in white coats walked behind our rally. They held up signs and made some noise.

Del Bigtree looks at Pharmacists walking behind our rally

Everyone began to boo the Pharmacists. I left the rally to go engage them and it turned out they were on our side!!!

These pharmacists were owners of small mom-&-pop community pharmacies, there to lobby against the corrupt business practices of CVS, Riteaid and other major pharmacy chains trying to put them out of business. I shook hands with about a dozen of them, and one female pharmacist screamed to me, “We are on your side! Informed consent and free choice!”

We need to team up with the pharmacists !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What can be said about Bobby Kennedy. He is simply phenomenal. Everyone at the rally hung on every word, every fact. Passersby would stop to listen to him speak, and ended up staying till his very last word.

Sheila Ealey sits, waiting for her time to inspire the crowd
I teared up reading this sigm
Staff member in Hevesi’s office wears mask

When you lobby in Albany, you expect to have disagreements and even situations where you are treated poorly. However you do *not* expect to confront blatant prejudice or discrimination. Unfortunately we did have to face just that.

Two staff members in Andrew Hevesi’s office wore a mask when orthodox Jewish constituents came into his office. Hevesi was not present when this occurred. The staffer had the mask over her face as depicted in this picture when the Orthodox Jews were in front of her, but when they left and I was there with other constituents the mask was down on her chin and her nose and mouth were exposed.

This is outrageous!

When we later mentioned this offensive behavior to another Assemblyman he said this was ridiculous because the Orthodox Jewish community has some of the highest vaccination rates in all of New York – near 98%, especially since the recent outbreak has created such a strong focus on their community.

This is what happens when we allow discrimination and segregation. The Jewish Community is being viewed as diseased and dirty, and treated with utter disrespect. The MTA in NYC is investigating allegations that Orthodox Jews are not being picked up on public buses that speed away when they see them.

A separate staffer – the woman pictured in the background with her hands up – took our letters and wanted us to leave quickly. This had nothing to do with prejudice, she was simply annoyed by the presence of our movement. She said, “We’ve gotten 500 calls about this issue; we are aware, thank you.”

Moving Forward

This is an annual rally & lobby day that we will be putting on every year. The number of positive signs are astounding. What I am most impressed by is seeing some talented youth that showed up, and could be the next generation to carry the fight for Health & Religious Freedom forward.

I wish I had more time to write about the powerful messages that came from the priests who spoke, the rabbis, the amazing Sheila Ealey, the warrior mothers and other noteworthy experts. But I am a father, not a journalist, and my family needs me

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