Democrats Disgraceful Vote

May 18, 2019 — All 10 Democrats in the Senate Health Committee voted YES to allowing children as young as 9 years old to get injected with the dangerous Gardasil vaccine without parental knowledge or consent. When I tell people this they think I am joking, lying or both because how could full grown adults do something so completely insane; but sadly I am not joking or lying at all. Below are the names, pictures and Twitter Accounts of all 10 of the Democrats who have voted this way. Please contact them ASAP.

The bill is Senate Bill S3899a in Albany, NY. The bill uses the word “treatment” instead of vaccine. They can’t even be honest in the words they write because they know how bonkers it is!!!

To make this even more horrendous we know for a fact there has been at least 480 deaths, over 3,000 permanent disabilities and over 60,000 adverse reaction after the Gardasil shot! Those are the minimum numbers – it is likely the true number of deaths, disabilities and adverse reactions are far higher!

Please contact these 10 Democrats; tweet them, send mail to them and most importantly tell your friends and family. No one can really think this is a good idea. Only Merck & Big Pharma could believe this to be a “good” idea, because it is good for their $bottomline$, not for children, families or our communities in any way. This has nothing to do with vaccination, it is merely about common sense to keep children safe. If a child gets vaccinated in one of the 200 school based clinics in NYC, comes home, has an adverse reaction such as a seizure (which can & does happen from Gardasil vaccines) how can a parent or doctor properly treat them if they have no idea they just had a medical procedure?!?

If you are sane, and understand what I’m trying to say, please TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS and then CALL THESE TEN DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contact Sen. Stavisky @tobystavisky

3 thoughts on “Democrats Disgraceful Vote

  1. This is lunacy,those people are committing crimes against little kids & their families.


  2. I wish they could see it like that, but they don’t. One thing we know for sure is that the Dems are not excited to be voting yes on this. We had witnesses in Senate Health Committee Hearing where they voted on this and they saw the hands raised to vote “yes.” The body language was clear that they were not excited to be voting yes. It appears party leadership is forcing this to happen. Regardless it’s no excuse – elected officials need to be brave, and stand up for US, not Big Pharma.


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