Stavisky in Queens Horrible Vote

Stavisky believes 9 year old children can consent to vaccination without a parent consenting or even knowing!

May 17, 2019 — NY State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky voted YES to allowing children as young as nine years old consent to being vaccinated with the dangerous Gardasil vaccine without parental consent or knowledge. This is a horrible, horrifying bill that must be stopped as it destroys parental rights and may very well be responsible for injuring or killing children. In the past 13 years we know for a fact a minimum of 480 people have died after receiving the Gardasil shot. That data comes directly from the CDC’s website.

Yet Stavisky believes 9 year old children can make that decision without a parent.

The below comes from a friend and Warrior Mom who I respect greatly in Queens. She won’t stop fighting for the religious and health freedom rights of her and her family. Stavisky wouldn’t even make eye contact with her when she came into her office or say hello to her Autistic son. This is dedicated to all the Warrior Moms fighting the good fight for their families and their children. If you have a similar story to tell, send it to me here at this blog. We cannot let good constituents be treated this way without a light being shined on such reprehensible behavior.

Here are the details of the Stavisky visit. Stavisky is not the only one who deserves to be exposed in this negative light; she is just the first to be.


It took many attempts, but a planned meeting with NYS Senator Toby Ann Stavisky was finally set for May 10, 2019. The organizers spent a long time and made great efforts to secure this face-to-face.

The time offered for that day was then rescheduled – to when most parents are picking up children at schools dismissing: 2:30pm, for *fifteen* minutes. Senator Stavisky represents District 16 in Flushing, Queens. My mother has been a constituent there for almost her entire life. I wanted to attend the meeting with her and the others, however work obligations kept me from going. I knew that I was not going to make it in time, but I was hoping that maybe it would run long as I raced out of my job just before it began.

My mom picked up my son early from his special-needs school. Together they went to the office in downtown Flushing to represent our family. Senator Stavisky is on the NYS Senate Health Committee. Along with nine other Democrats and five Republicans, that panel of fifteen cast votes about legislation in the early stages. Some bills die in committee, while others move on.

On Tuesday May 7, Senator Stavisky voted that she believes that minors – as young as the age of nine – should be able to consent to risky medical procedures without consent of their parent(s). I strongly disagree with that.

The bill that would allow this is S3899, and it passed out of the NYS Senate Health Committee as it was voted on strictly along party lines: 10 to 5 (10 Democrats voted yes, 5 Republicans voted no). It is not law … yet. But it may be on its way.

So it was important to me to have my voice heard. Especially about certain topics – even if they are controversial ones. Most people, it seems, do not involve themselves in local politics. Many cannot name their Senator, Assemblyrep, City Councilrep or Congressrep. If they vote, they tend to fill in the circles on their ballot down the line … and then get their sticker.

That’s not meant to be mean, but it’s the reality. Folks in general do not pick up their phones or email their legislators. Unless something REALLY big comes up for debate.
My senior citizen mom took my teenage, disabled child to this meeting with the Senator whom she voted for to discuss vaccine legislation and whom it affects. When we spoke on the phone later, my mother was impressed by the talking points that fellow parents brought up. “They said all that you say.”

By the time that I got to Flushing, the meeting was over. That fifteen minutes was an absolute, so it seemed. As my parent handed over my kid and her maxed-out muni-meter slip to me, I decided to go over to the office anyway. My son and I walked the two blocks over.

When I rang the bell, a staffer answered but stood in the doorway. I don’t want to say that she blocked it. But that may have been the effort. I took my child’s hand and walked in anyway. She stated that I missed the others. I said I just need five minutes. She said that the Senator had to leave. I replied, “Okay, three minutes.”

My son and I sat on the long bench in the office for about ten minutes. I looked at the many awards that adorned her walls. Several mentioned her work with families with autism. How ironic, I thought – as I snapped a couple photos.

At the far end of the office, another staffer told the first one, “We have to go.” (Loud enough that I could hear it. So that I could hear it?) He walked past me without looking at me or saying a word. I believe that was her Chief of Staff.

When Senator Stavisky finally emerged from the back of the office, she would not make eye contact with me. I stood up to extend my hand. She did not receive it and said, “I have to go.” I smiled and replied that I could walk her to her car. She repeated that she had to go. I asked if I could introduce her to my child. My disabled child. My disabled child who has autism, sitting right below one of those many of awards that she received for her work with children with ASD. She continued walking past me, pressed the green button to exit and did not look back.

I stood there – as the door closed behind her – stunned.

This elected official could not shake my hand? Could not mutter with a fake smile, “I apologize for being in a rush but if you contact my scheduler, I would be honored to see you another time”? I know little about politics, but isn’t that Campaigning 101? Don’t isolate people.

It is my assumption that Senator Stavisky’s behavior has to do with how she was received walking out of the S3899 vote. Along with her Health Committee colleagues, parents expressed their disbelief at the legislation the majority of those Senators considered appropriate.

Videos shared showed mothers and fathers exclaiming, “Shame on you!” as bowed heads quickly shuffled past by them in the hall. One politician mouthed, “I voted no!” But she was one of the five Republicans.

Perhaps Senator Stavisky was concerned that I had been in that crowd of one hundred+ and was looking for a follow-up. While I was not present that day, I was at the May 14th rally in Albany. Maybe our paths will cross again.

Standing now facing the door that was closed in my face, the staffer who let me in grabbed a note pad and said she would hear me out. I spoke briefly about being a subset of a subset: a family with an approved religious exemption with a child who is disabled. Half of one percent (<1%) of families in NYS have a religious exemption, but I do not know who are in a situation like mine – also raising a child with a disability.

What I do know is that the S2994 legislation (known as A2371 in the NYS Assembly) makes no accommodations for my child’s extensive Individualized Education Program. Who will teach him if he is kicked out – as the bill states – effective immediately? Who will teach the other children with disabilities who have IEPs and religious exemptions currently in place?

That staffer scribbled a few things that I said down. I gave her a redacted photocopy (in color) of my religious exemption – which did not have my family’s information on it – in case one had never been seen before. It used to be hard to talk about this. Now that my family may lose this right, I have no choice. I must speak up.

I expressed that as a lifelong registered Democrat, it horrifies me that the known tagline “My Body, My Choice” does not extend to this issue. And that I was highly disappointed in the Senator’s vote on Tuesday for S3899. I have a daughter who cannot go to Claire’s or elsewhere to get her ears pierced without my permission, but legislators like Stavisky now believe that she can make medical choices as a tween or younger without me knowing? That is wrong.

I ended with, “If this bill becomes law, I will likely be forced to quit my job to stay with my children as I will NEVER turn against my religious, First Amendment-guarded beliefs. Which means that we will then have all the time in the world. We will be back here every day. You’re going to need a bigger bench.”

That was not a threat. It was a promise.

Based on this encounter, I believe that Senator Toby Ann Stavisky will continue to vote against my family’s best interests. I would love to be wrong about this. I will continue to call both her local and Albany offices to advocate for my children. I encourage others, whether constituents or not as she is making decisions that affect all New Yorkers, to do so as well.
DISTRICT OFFICE142-29 37th Ave Suite 1Flushing, NY 11354 718-445-0004 (local) 518-455-3461 (Albany)

One thought on “Stavisky in Queens Horrible Vote

  1. This comment was sent to me by @misssassy2socks

    I really loved the paragraph:

    ‘I ended with, “If this bill becomes law, I will likely be forced to quit my job to stay with my children as I will NEVER turn against my religious, First Amendment-guarded beliefs. Which means that we will then have all the time in the world. We will be back here every day. You’re going to need a bigger bench.”
    That was not a threat. It was a promise.’

    I hope you don’t mind if I use that in talking to my state’s legislators who are in the process of trying to remove our philosophical and religious exemptions.

    Good luck in your fight. As if we all don’t have enough to do taking care of our disabled vaccine injured children, now we have to spend endless hours writing, calling and visiting our elected “representatives” – it makes me so angry.


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