“The Garbage Man” Gives Parents Middle Finger

May 28, 2019 — Today Jeff Dinowitz literally flipped off parents of vaccine injured children giving them the middle finger. Like a high school freshman acting as though he was scratching his cheek, the Assemblyman from the Bronx showed what we already know about him; that he has not a single care for religious people or the injured.

Back in February of this year Dinowitz proudly posted a video of himself calling the beliefs of religious people “garbage” – a sentiment he stands by till this day. Dinowitz is the sponsor of A2371, the bill to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination in New York. Thank you Jeff, for clearly showing everyone exactly who and what you are in this moment as you prepared for your press conference.

Interestingly just 3 weeks ago a Progressive Democrat from the Bronx, George Diaz Jr., announced he will be running against Dinowitz in the Democratic primary – first time this has ever happened to Dinowitz.


In an odd coincidence, the same paper that published the piece on George Diaz also recently published a well-written letter to the editor on the dangers of vaccination titled A Lot About Vaccines Left Unsaid:


Dinowitz’s popularity has been tanking for some time now.