Cuomo, Dinowitz & Diaz

The Assembly Floor in Albany, NY

A look back on a critical week for the Religious Exemption to Vaccination in NY

Cuomo Backs Religious Exemption to Vaccination

Battle Moves to the Assembly

Enter George Diaz Jr.


May 31, 2019 — Six days ago on May 25th I wrote the following:

Fed Up Dem — To me it seems like Democratic Party Leadership in Albany, NY – meaning Governor Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie – may all be aligned and committed to revoking the religious exemption to vaccination ASAP.

It appears that is in fact the reality we are looking at today, as Cuomo and Cousins are openly stating they support revoking the Religious Exemption to Vaccination, while Heastie says he is trying to get enough support in the Assembly to pass the bill. However, I have not seen him explicitly say he is a supporter of the bill (file it under things that make you go hmmmmmm…)


On April 15th I wrote the following about the New York Governor:

Cuomo is Clintonian – meaning he licks his thumb and holds it in the air to see which way the political wind is blowing before he allows himself to have an opinion on anything.

This is just how Cuomo does business. At that time he was waiting to see what the NY Courts in Rockland and NYC were going to decide regarding Ed Day & Mayor de Blasio’s draconian vaccination mandates. Ed Day lost & de Blasio won. Let us never forget Cuomo is liable to change his mind at any moment if he feels some political change warrants it, so keep up the pressure on him and his office (Call him — 518-474-8390)

Since then the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) stepped into the game in NY.

On May 9th John Gilmore of the following in an action alert that read as follows:

Pediatricians across New York sent out emails today (May 9th) to patients asking them to call the members of the New York Assembly Health Committee and ask them to vote in favor of A2371, the bill to repeal religious exemptions (to vaccination) in New York.

The constituents who followed through on this did so out of fear induced from their pediatricians. That false-narrative that healthy unvaccinated children are somehow “dangerous” at all times. This definitely had an impact on Albany and, I believe, on Cuomo himself. He waited till just 3 weeks before the end of the legislative session to go public and now he is trying to ram this legislation down the throats of New Yorkers with no public hearings (which is absolutely absurd – public hearings are required if we are about to get rid of a law that has been on the books for approximately three decades).


But the war is not over yet.

Now in the Assembly there is an ongoing battle for every last vote. Speaker Heastie has said he currently does not have the votes to pass this bill in the Assembly. There has been some discussion and perhaps controversy over whether Heastie is going to “bypass” Assembly committees to get the bill to a floor vote quicker. If you call Heastie’s office they will say this is not true at all. There are rumors about this on social media, and some comments may have been misconstrued in the telephone-game played on-line by concerned parties; regardless all eyes are on the Assembly now. On Tuesday, May 28th a press conference was held in NYC by the sponsors of the bills to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination – Senator Brad Hoylman and Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz – which ended up with a viral photo and video of the man who once called religious people’s beliefs “utter garbage.”



Like a high school freshman, Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz said “F#ck You” to parents and constituents protesting against him outside. Later he would effectively say, “COME ON! I JUST HAD AN ITCH!” Darla Shine posted this on social media as did hundreds of others. When you wacth the video in it’s full size there is absolutely no question Dinowitz gave the finger to parents and constituents on purpose. Clearly we have gotten under his skin.

I have just found out that George Diaz Jr., a Bronx resident with some local political experience, announced last month he will be challenging Dinowitz in the 2020 Democratic primary. Diaz had a very interesting observation about precisely what happened when Dinowitz flipped off constituents. On Twitter Diaz posted:

Jeff’s staff member had to rescue him before he did more. Very classless act by our Assemblymen (sic).

And Diaz is right!

If you watch the video closely, you can see after Dinowitz flips off the crowd, a staffer comes and puts his left hand on the Assemblyman directing him to move. And Dinowitz promptly leaves.

It is funny to see NY Religious & Health Freedom Advocates immediately turn to supporting Diaz, even though we know very little about his platform as a candidate. (This includes myself). It goes to show how low Dinowitz’s popularity has sunk in NY! Diaz has said he is a supporter of vaccination but not how Dinowitz treated his constituents who were protesting him. I am a supporter of vaccination as well, however I am not a supporter of mandatory forced vaccination, one-size-fits-all draconian policies. We do not know Diaz’s position on the Religious Exemption to vaccination at this time: or his position on the horrifying bill that targets Black & Latino girls as young as 9 by allowing them to get the dangerous Gardasil vaccine without parental knowledge or consent!!!

Nevertheless that isn’t stopping an interesting allegiance of “my enemy’s enemy” from forming in a matter of 48 hours. GOOD LUCK DIAZ! KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK IN THE BX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully some of us will be able to sit down and talk with you very soon.

The Disgraceful Mainstream Media

After the photo of Dinowitz flipping the bird went viral (specifically after Darla Shine tweeted it) The Daily News ran the picture in their paper but did a horrible job covering the real story. Lisa Eden, who was one of the parents who attended the Tuesday protest and who got flipped-off by Dinowitz, wrote a letter to The Daily News for their poor coverage of what actually happened at the press conference and protest. Below is a section of that letter with an extremely revealing candid statement from one of the journalists who was covering the event:

The press is supposed to be the fourth estate, yet you have failed to interview a single eyewitness to the state’s abuse. The journalists there were definitely not interested in the story right in front of their faces. I asked one anchor from Channel 7, ” You just spent 45 minutes inside at the press conference, and took about 30 seconds to talk to us out here, that’s not balanced reporting.” to which he replied, “Do you know how many bosses I answer to, at least 10, my hands are tied.” (emphasis added)

This is the real story, any justice-minded journalist can see, but if one is more worried about his job and selling a story than telling the truth, a group of moms and dads and their vaccine disabled kids will continue to be called “anti-vaxxers” and be relegated to background noise as the pHARMa owned media continues on its undemocratic mission to manufacture consent around vaccination.

One final point before I say good day, you said in the article that medical groups and physician led organizations support the bill to abolish religious exemption as if NO physician or medical organization opposes the bill. That is a misrepresentation. I volunteer for Physicians for Informed Consent, a physician led non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding informed consent in vaccination and they oppose bills like A2371a in NY and SB276 in CA and other bills that infringe upon informed consent across the country, and PIC has assembled a Coalition for Informed Consent including physicians and medical groups like the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons and Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccination. Rita Palma has physicians and medical professionals here in NY and Albany making the rounds with her in legislative meetings. Again, journalists are complicit in manufacturing consent when they fail to do their due diligence and tell the full story.

While I’m grateful Dinowitz’s disgraceful image made it into the newspaper at all, I do hope you will take into consideration the feedback I have provided you with today.

Lisa Eden
Vaccine Educated
Adult Vaccine Injury Survivor
Pro-Informed Consent
Conscientious Objector to Vaccination
Medical Freedom Advocate

You can read the rest of Lisa’s letter here: