How Do I Use This Blog?

The Fed Up Democrat blog is mainly an activist tool for New Yorkers to fight against legislation that tries to mandate or force vaccines on New York residents. The navigation menu is right at the top of the blog, and this is a break down of each category:

Albany Contacts:

This gives you all the direct contact information to the most important lawmakers in Albany. It shows you how to find your own State Senator & Assemblyman, and lists all other lawmakers you should contact in regards to vaccine legislation. The contact information here is usually based on email alerts from John Gilmore of the Autism Action Network

New York State Law

Here you will find original reports with updates on what is happening with vaccine legislation in Albany, NY that include Action Alerts of what must be done to protect you and your family’s religious & health freedom rights. You may also find some letter templates here to help you write your own letters to send to lawmakers.

Federal Law

Vaccine legislation has been handled primarily on the State level for decades as is required by the Constitution. However the federal government has shown many signs that it is planning on completely violating that legal reality. Unfortunately my own political party – the Democrats – seem to be the worst offenders in this area. Republicans are generally less likely to force vaccines on the public, but that’s not true for all of them, especially on the federal level. As of June 2019, there are few updates for the Federal Law section of this website as our battle is on the state level right now. That could change at any moment, especially if a Democrat wins the presidency in 2020. Search out “Healthy People 2020” and “Healthy People 2030” for more information on what the Democrats are planning in terms of forcing vaccines on people, including adults.

Letters to Reps

This is where I provide all sample letters & template that you can send to your elected officials. It can be difficult to get started writing a letter to send to someone you view as being “powerful.” The truth is YOU are the one with the power! This section is a great place to copy a letter from or, even better, take some things that you like and change others.

Also in this section I post email and letter exchanges between public officials and constituents as it pertains to vaccine legislation.


This is where I voice what I think on important issues related to health & religious freedom and vaccine rights. Sometimes I might even post a prayer that I find inspiring or my experiences out in the world that relate to vaccine legislation.


To get in touch with me you can use the contact page or simply email thefedupdemocrat@gmail .com