Vaccine Hesitancy Destroys Paul Offit’s $Pocketbook$

June 16 ,2019 – There is no vaccine patent holder who loses more money from “vaccine hesitancy” than Paul Offit, who holds the patent on the “RotaTeq” rotovirus vaccine. If a parent decides to delay vaccination of their child, once they turn 9 months of age they are no longer allowed to give the rotovirus vaccine. Pediatricians may mark this as a “vaccine error.” (note – vaxopedia is *not* a reliable source on most topics. They happened to get this piece of info on RotaTeq correct)

So if parents decide to not follow the CDC’s recommended vaccination schedule, once their child turns 9 months it is a guarantee that Offit will not receive a royalty from that child even if they eventually begin to get vaccinated. Rotavirus is off the table at that point. For other vaccines – such as the MMR, DTaP, Varicella, etc…vaccine hesitancy does not guarantee that their patent holders won’t eventually receive a royalty if the parents decide to vaccinate at a later date.

All vaccine patent holders want to sell as many of their vaccines as possible as quickly as possible. So they all have a stake in stopping parents from having a choice to delay or forego vaccinations of their children. But *NO**ONE* on planet earth has more of a motivation in this effort than Paul Offit, because *NO**ONE* is hurt financially by vaccine hesitancy more than Paul Offit.

Remember that next time you hear Paul Offit as a guest on NPR, or Democracy Now!, or any mainstream news source. His financial bias on the issue of vaccines makes it completely impossible for any thinking person to trust him once his lips start to move.

For more info on Paul Offit’s lack of ethics, go here:

ROTAVIRUS vaccine was found contaminated with retrovirus. GlaxoSmithKline’s Rotarix and Merck’s RotaTeq – are contaminated with pig virus DNA. But there’s a difference between the two vaccines: Rotarix contains parts of a pig virus that does not make pigs sick while Merck’s RotaTeq contains parts of a pig virus that kills baby pigs.