Bronx Boy Illegally Vaxxed in Dinowitz District!

July 18, 2019 — The Bronx boy who was illegally vaccinated without his mother’s knowledge or consent had this happen in a school-based-clinic in the district of none other than Assemblyman Dinowitz.

That’s right!

The man who spearheaded the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination in New York, and is currently a co-sponsor on two separate bills that would allow children to be vaccinated without parental consent, has a school-based-clinic in his district acting as if it is already legal to vaccinate children in NY without parental consent.

Well it’s not.

The New School for Leadership in Arts is located in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx. Staffers in Dinowitz’s office confirmed this school is in his district. Remember last week Roxsanna Gautreax was on Bronx 12 News complaining her 11-year-old son’s body was illegally “violated” when he was injected with the HPV Gardasil vaccine without his mother having any clue. Watch and read that important report at the following link:

Why are school-based-clinics behaving as if these bills are already laws?

Why are children of color seemingly being targeted by this?

Do Albany lawmakers believe Black and Latino parents are incapable of making medical decisions for their children? Do Albany lawmakers believe Black and Latino parents don’t deserve to know what is injected into their children?

Call your assemblymember and make them aware of this. Email every assemblymember a link to this report. Email every assemblymember who is part of the Black, Puerto Rican and Asian Caucus. And call and email every assemblymember in the Bronx.

Search out all those ph# and emails here:


4 thoughts on “Bronx Boy Illegally Vaxxed in Dinowitz District!

  1. With you 100%. Always been a far left progressive (Nader, Kucinich, Bernie) and almost always vote Democrat but not any more! Not unless they specifically promise to stand up to Big Pharma. Nearly all of them are in the pockets of big pharma. I’m also an award-winning environmentalist, but heck, if 50% of the world has dementia, autism, chronic diseases, or are infertile, there will be nobody left to save the planet or enjoy it. Safety and basic human rights come first. Vaccines was a back-burner issue for me until 2019 …but now it’s a full blown “Children of Men” scenario, with the press in full propaganda mode, like I’ve never seen before in my lifetime.

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    1. Thank you Melinda – I couldn’t agree more. There is no such thing as being “free” if we aren’t free to determine what gets injected directly into our muscle tissue. Makes you wonder, if 1 out of 2 children have Autism by 2035 (which I believe is the estimate right now do to the numerical reality of exponential growth), and climate crash hitting us, just what exactly IS the plan of the elites? What type of future are they preparing for?

      Thank you for your comment. Please keep posting here, it is much appreciated.

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