California & New York Plan Emergency Detention Laws

June 20, 2019 — New York and California both have bills waiting in the wings to allow for the seizure and detention of anyone even suspected of having a communicable disease if the Governor declares a state of emergency. The New York bill is Assembly bill A99, the California bill is AB 262.

Sadly, this really isn’t new.

Shortly after 9/11 the Model Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA) was proposed in Albany, NY (and many other states) and would have granted the same powers back in 2001/02. This was not too long after the anthrax scare when former (federal) Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, and others Democrats, received letters in the mail laced with anthrax. However the bills were unsuccessful and didn’t pass. I don’t recall precisely, but at the time I remember reading that such emergency powers were rolled into the Homeland Security Act – meaning only the President had the power to declare a state of emergency on the federal level and work with state officials (Governor, etc…) to implement seizure of peoples, detentions, quarantines etc…

This is a very slippery slope!

On some level, such a law sounds logical. If America was the victim of a massive biological attack by air or in our water supply perhaps we would need a massive, major response from both federal and state officials; if we were attacked with anthrax, ebola, bubonic plague, small pox, etc… However the problem is that today elected officials tell us – with a straight face – that we just had an epidemic of a childhood illness that some compare with strep throat. This “emergency” measles epidemic didn’t even cause one death. Can we trust such officials not to seize and detain people if next year there is an “epidemic” of chicken pox?

I feel as though we could see detentions happening of unvaccinated children for having a common cold. Don’t laugh, there is currently a vaccine in the pipeline for the common cold. One day soon it very well could be against the law to be sick, unless of course you have chronic illness; Big Pharma just loves that type of sick!

***Update*** Bill A99 states adults can be force vaccinated while detained and not allowed to leave the detention center: