Update on RFK Jr. Lawsuits Against New York

June 24, 2019 — The below was posted by Rita Palma last week giving updates about the lawsuit(s) against the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination by Governor Cuomo in New York. For all the most up to date info please check Rita’s Facebook page regularly


Also Rita is collecting information from parents who have children with religious exemptions to vaccination. If your child has a religious exemption, and is being denied access to school due to a lack of any vaccination, please email Rita at mykidsmychoice@gmail.com

Here is the post:


Now is NOT the time to make hasty decisions (no pun or coercion intended) STAY STRONG! 

1.) The first of five lawsuits on the repeal bill will be rolled out this week. This one will challenge the decision to bar children from school who are vaccine vulnerable/ medically exempt. The case could not be better. Details on a press conference to follow soon. 

2.) The next case will take on the lack of Special Education provisions in the bill. That is slated for 1-1.5 weeks from now. 

3.) The biggest suit that challenges the constitutionality of the law will be filed within two weeks along with a request for a stay soon thereafter. This is the most crucial piece. 

SO HELP IS ON THE WAY. We have the best possible attorneys working on this under the guidance of RFK Jr. All the attorneys working for Chidren’s Health Defense are the best our movement has to offer. 

This bill was egregious and that is GOOD for our lawsuits. We are living the effects of a poorly thought out bill that has horrible ramifications for so many families. 
PLEASE KNOW the way we all proceed impacts us all. It will affect your kids and their families. If we don’t beat this now, there will be NO LIMIT to what Pharma can do. There are over 200 vaccines being developed- the mandated list will never end. HOLD STRONG- and stay tuned for updates. Good news will come!!