VACCINATION LAW — How Did My Reps Vote in NY?

My Rep Kicks Disabled Children Out of School Campaign

Jun 27, 2019 — My dear friend Bonnie has done an excellent job compiling exactly how everyone in the New York Senate & Assembly voted on the bills to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination. How did your Senator & Assemblymember vote? Not sure who your reps are? Look them up here:

Find your State Senator here:

Find your State Assemblyman here:

Once you know both your reps, check how they voted below, and send them either a THANK YOU letter or a NO THANK YOU letter depending on how they voted. All summer long at this blog we will be documenting what we are calling:


If your reps voted YES to repeal the religious exemption, they are responsible for kicking disabled children out of school. All New York schools, public & private. Please confront them. Please send me info on what transpires and what they say. Please confront them publicly at events in your community.

Send any info to me at thefedupdemocrat@gmail .com, and I will publish and promote it. Don’t let them hide on this one – expose them for the unthinking, uncaring, unintentional lawmaker that they are.

Here is how NY Assemblymembers voted:

Here is how NY Senators voted:

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