Governor Cuomo Kicks Disabled Children Out of Public School

Because of their parents religious beliefs

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June 30, 2019 — Of all the lawmakers who kicked disabled students out of all schools in New York, none hold more responsibility than Governor Andrew Cuomo. This happened on June 13th, when the religious exemption to vaccination was repealed and Cuomo signed the bill without a moment of hesitation. He ordered all students who were not compliant within 30 days to be kicked out of all public and private schools.

Everyone knows that Albany politics is run by three people: the Governor, the Assembly Speaker, and the Senate Majority Leader. In 2019 the Alpha dog in that three-person-leadership is clearly Cuomo. The day before the religious exemption to vaccination was repealed, Merck announced they were investing $48 million into a pharmaceutical subsidiary they own in Albany, NY named ILÚM Health Solutions. That was a clear signal Merck knew their lobbying had paid off and the religious exemption was already as good as gone. There is no question in my mind that Cuomo was fully aware that repealing the religious exemption would deliver this “reward” from Merck. There were likely many other “rewards” besides this one.

Once Cuomo knew both chambers had the votes needed to repeal the religious exemption, it was rammed down New York’s throat with no public comment, no amendments, and hardly any discussion.

The Merck “reward” also explains why Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie was sweating bullets in both the Health Committee as it voted on the religious exemption, as well as during the Assembly floor vote. He knew his job was not to foster any sort of democratic process but deliver the bill to the Governor’s desk. Period. End of story. And he did just that. Read & watch more about Heastie’s bullying & big-boss pimpin’ here:

***Update 12-26-19 — Governor Cuomo has recently revealed he is a huge supporter of bill S3899a which will allow children to receive vaccines for STD’s without parental knowledge or consent. It will also allow preventative drug treatment of STDs – including PrEP for HIV/AIDS. Serious side effects of this drug include kidney or liver failure and softening of your bones leading to fractures or osteoporosis. Nevertheless Cuomo is a huge supporter of HIV negative children being given PrEP without their parents knowing. He recently wrote a letter to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg asking him to remove all ads that criticize the PrEP drugs or inform people about the current lawsuits against PrEP.

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