Google is Now a Pharmaceutical Company

Big Tech has Merged with Big Pharma

July 7, 2019 — Gary Null & Richard Gale have documented that Google now has a pharmaceutical division headed by GlaxosSmithKline’s former chairman of its global vaccine business. Null & Gale write:

Google today is not only a weapon for promoting the pharmaceutical agenda but now also a drug company itself. During the past six years, Google’s parent company Alphabet has launched two pharmaceutical companies. In 2013, it founded Calico, run by Genentech’s former CEO Arthur Levinson. Calico operates an R&D facility in the San Francisco Bay Area for the discovery of treatments associated with age-related diseases. Two years later, Alphabet founded Verily Life Sciences (previously Google Life Sciences). Both pharma companies are partnering with other drug corporations. Recently, Verily has partnered with the European pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline to form a new drug company, Galvani Bioelectronics for the development of “bioelectronic medicines.” The collaboration is costing the companies $715 million, and the new firm is being chaired by Glaxo’s former chairman of its global vaccines business. (emphasis added)

In addition, Google’s president of Customer Solutions Mary Ellen Coe now sits on Merck’s Board of Directors. Merck is one of the world’s “Big Four” vaccine manufacturers. Pharmaceutical companies have realized the need to co-opt social media platforms as well as the world’s most powerful search engine – Google.

This strategy, laid out 6 years ago, has picked up steam whereby now companies such as Google and Facebook have been absorbed into the pharmaceutical machinery. The dire results from this marriage already being felt as Wikipedia and other virtual social media have become just another mouthpiece for Big Pharma.

Google has earned over $1 billion from illegal online pharmacies, and may be fined up to $500 million by the US Department of Justice.

While Google profits from Big Pharma, it is erasing Dr. Joseph Mercola from it’s search engine results. Dr. Mercola is a medical doctor dedicated to natural health and remedies. He is the exact opposite of everything Google is profiting from with their marriage with Big Pharma.

Another Tech-Giant that is making money with Big Pharma is Amazon, a company that has been purging Vaccine Risk Awareness books and movies (including the documentary VAXXED) from their website. reports:

… Amazon acquired for $1 billion PillPack, a business that presorts medications, then ships them directly to customers’ homes in 49 states. report goes on to detail how Amazon is working with a drug firm to identify patients who will be eligible for experimental cancer drugs by scanning and researching patient records.

This is why Google, Amazon, Facebook and others are trying to erase and discredit all Vaccine Risk Awareness books, posts, websites, information, pages, etc… – because Big Tech has merged with Big Pharma. They are one-in-the-same and have the same agenda.

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We see Verily’s technology as a way for us to reach patients and get them interested,” said Badhri Srinivasan, head of global development operations at Novartis. In an interview, Srinivasan shared an example of engaging people who are already searching on Google for relief from asthma symptoms. At that point, Verily could surface an ad to suggest they enroll in its clinical trial patient registry, dubbed Baseline, and sign up for relevant asthma-related clinical trials if they chose to do so. (emphasis added)

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13 thoughts on “Google is Now a Pharmaceutical Company

  1. Had to check for myself with Incognito search, compared to DuckDuckGo, Mercola was nowhere on Google, but #2 on DuckDuckGo. Same search terms “hpv vaccine anti cancer”

    Bye bye Google, you are no longer relevant.

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    1. I did the same. Mercola showed up right at the top for google as well as duckduckgo… weird. Dunno why. I was kind of hoping to get a more conclusive finding!


      1. It could be that Google has gotten a lot of bad press about how they were suppressing searches for Mercola that they stopped it. My little blog post alone received over 35,000 views in just 3 days, and thousands of those people went and read the Mercola article.

        I am not sure of this – I have not been checking Google searches regarding Mercola’s work with any regularity. If so then GOOD! That’s the whole point of making noise in every corner of the internet possible. Thank you for you comment!

        FED UP DEM


  2. I wish that was the truth, but did you do your search using Incognito mode? Probably not. I just checked and it is still the issue. Google tries to give you custom results based on your past search history, so knowing that you are a fellow “crazy person” that thinks outside of normal western medicine and wants to come to their own conclusion as to what is the healthiest option for you and your family, they tweak the algorithm for you personally and give you what you want. Problem for others not yet aware of what else is out there is they will be directed away from Mercola and other sites even though the search results are highly relevant based on Google’s normal search rankings.


  3. I received the following email from David Arzouman and got permission to post it as a comment to this report:

    Comment: (Someone shared your article on Google-as-pharm-company… that’s how I learned about your blog.)
    I too am baffled how people can call themselves “Democrats” and be so indifferent about the attacks on our civil liberties, and be so forgiving of obvious corporate greed. I’m from California, another state in the stranglehold of vaccine/pharma tyrants. I see this even more as a Constitutional issue than a health issue–i.e. even if vaccines were proven 100% safe and effective, we should still have the freedom to opt out. When I heard the news about Cuomo signing that bill on June 13th, I wrote the following article, trying to turn my anger into satire:


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