RFK Lawsuit Update: 7-10-19

Has a Stay Been Granted?!?

July 10, 2019 – Today RFK Jr. & Michael Sussman filed suit against NY on behalf of families on 1st amendment grounds stating the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination in New York was and is unconstitutional.

Has a stay been granted?

Not yet – but we should know if there will be a stay that delays the order by Friday July 12th. It appears NY State has until Friday to file paperwork. Attorney Robert Krakow describes what transpired in court today as follows:

A decision on an order to show cause requesting an emergency stay of enforcement of the mandate was deferred until Friday, pending submission of papers by NY State.”

I’m no lawyer, but to me that sounds like New York State has until Friday to produce documentation that proves a stay should not or cannot be allowed. If anyone has any further pertinent information to add as to what transpired in court in Albany, NY today, please send it to me at thefedupdemocrat@ gmail.com and I will include it in this post.


***Very important update from Rita Palma: The temporary restraining order will be decided by Friday. That might not be granted, but there will be a hearing for the preliminary injunction (more important and lasts for the duration of the case) will be held within 2-3 weeks. This hearing has witnesses, i.e. parents, clergy, doctors. Please stay tuned for the date! We will let you know as soon as we do. So even if we don’t get it in Friday, we have another chance right behind it. We have to pack the house once again- today was AMAZING on 12 hours notice. With a couple of weeks notice, who knows what we can do? The Judge was impressed with the crowd and I think Michael Sussman was proud and happy to have us there. (emphasis added)

Rita Palma gave a summation of what happened in court today at the following Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/ChildrensHealthDefense/videos/363855530998057/UzpfSTE0NzcxMjQ3NTk6MzA2MDYxMTI5NDk5NDE0OjEwOjA6MTU2NDY0Mjc5OTo2NDgwNDAwMDg0MzY1MzU1NjI2/

According to Rita Palma’s summary, the New York Attorney General, Latisha James, has been given till close of business tomorrow (7-11-19) to provide all documentation why a Temporary Restraining Order (stay) should not be allowed in this case.


A Tweet about the Judge in this case reads as follows: Turns out Judge Mackey, who is hearing the case in Albany, went to a catholic high school & is the founder of his firm which specializes in medical malpractice and product liability! They have fought and won some cases on the basis of unconstitutionality! VERY PROMISING!

Photo from the Courtroom on 7-10-19 over 300 people came to the first hearing with only 12 hours notice!


Here is a fantastic video documenting what happened in Albany on July 10, 2019; https://mediazilla.com/dpugajkr9?fbclid=IwAR0Otu9Kg1UhzpfxKqDKsdX8kngPniRY5w6TAcFawDVrcVh5ZViRWGdJEYI