Alessandra Biaggi Kicks Disabled Children Out of Public School

Because of their parents religious beliefs

July 16, 2019 — Alessandra Biaggi – a first-term Democratic Senator from the Bronx, NY – voted YES to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination. She was an enthusiastic cosponsor of the bill. This resulted in children being kicked out of all public and private schools in New York immediately; including severely disabled children that have extensive educational programs.

On Bronx12 News last night Senator Biaggi admitted that when she voted YES to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination, there was absolutely no plan in place to continue servicing students with disabilities that the new law kicked out of school.

At 17 minutes and 40 seconds into this broadcast by Bronx12 a caller named Sharon from Throgsneck asked Senator Biaggi about the repeal of the Religious Exemption to Vaccination. She asked what is going to be done for special needs children who are kicked out of summer programs and schools. Many have 12-month long programs and are right now kicked out of them. Biaggi responded by saying,

“The state right now is working to create guidelines to make sure students that have IEPs needs are being met.”

Watch for yourself here:

Basically Biaggi admitted what we already know – Albany had absolutely no plan for meeting any of the needs of any child that had a religious exemption to vaccination after the repeal. That’s the truth. The Democrats “plan” was if you are currently not vaccinated, get vaccinated or leave the state. I truly believe behind closed doors that is the over-arching premise of the Democrats who voted to repeal the exemption.

Why didn’t they hold public hearings to figure out these issues?

Why didn’t anyone propose an amendment to the bill?

Why was the bill rushed through Albany in one day in just 7 hours?

Why? Because Big Pharma owns the Democratic Majority in New York State, that’s why. Sure there are about 20 decent Democrats left in Albany – and I greatly respect all of them who did the right thing and voted NO on the repeal bill. However I have zero respect for the majority in Albany today – especially the majority leadership.

Also in Biaggi’s district, an 11-year-old boy was vaccinated with the HPV vaccine without parental knowledge or consent. Bronx12 News did an excellent job reporting on this horrifying violation of a child and his parents rights. The boys mother was furious, as she should be! Funny thing is, Biaggi currently sponsors a bill that would make it perfectly legal to vaccinate any 11-year-old boy or girl without parental knowledge or consent.

Biaggi will be “celebrating” with her buddy Assemblyman Dinowitz – who was the main sponsor of the bill that repealed the religious exemption to vaccination – tonight in the Bronx. Learn about that gem of a man, and a protest that will be happening tonight, here:

***Update*** July 17, 2019 — At the protest last night about 200 people gathered on the sidewalk with signs and chants against Dinowitz & Biaggi. A few parents who support health & religious freedom were able to get inside the event itself. One mother yelled her question out at the end of the event which was partially caught on video at the following Facebook link: blob:

Here are some photos from the protest:

***Find more disgraceful Albany, NY politicians who voted to kick children out of school because of their parents religious beliefs here:

My Rep Kicks Disabled Children Out of Public School:

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