Tyranny of the “Majority”

Dred Scott, Mandatory Vaccination, and Media Manipulation

by Rita Palma

(with comment from Fed Up Dem at end)

Recently New York passed a law repealing the religious exemption to vaccination, which is currently being challenged in court by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Michael Sussman and others. There has been talk about this case possibly going all the way to the Supreme Court. Below is a historical analysis, comparison and call to action reminding us that just because something is declared “law” does not mean it is etched in stone.


July 22, 2019 — History shows the ‘majority’ is sometimes on the wrong side of an issue. I write ‘majority’ in quotes because I wonder – does the majority of Americans TRULY oppose our right to choose to vaccinate or not vaccinate our children, even IF the majority chooses vaccination?

Consider the Dred Scott decision of 1857. The Supreme Court of the United States decided 7-2 (that’s a super majority), African Americans were NOT protected under the Constitution and were ‘property’. The decision led to unrest/ public outcry. The Civil War started four years later.

There would not have been unrest if the ‘majority’ supported human oppression and enslavement. The majority (no quotes) of Americans support freedom and equality- this is what our issue is truly about. We need to turn a deaf ear/ blind eye to the media/ marketing/ manipulation (because it is bought) vilification of non-vaxxers and find out what the TRUE majority thinks (emphasis added).

Person to person. Be brave. Start a conversation. Raise the issue of vaccine choice to your relative, neighbor, friend, stranger, employee, baker, butcher, student, cashier…you get it. COME OUT. I’m gathering thoughts/ stories for a live on this- please share yours! Let’s give each other strength- iron sharpens iron.


Fed Up Dem Comment – As Rita correctly points out above, what the majority of people ‘believe’ is massaged by an American public relations monster that has over 100 years of experience and experimentation behind it. This began with Edward Bernayes (cousin of Freud), the man who got suffragettes to hold up cigarettes as a way of showing their independence fighting for the right to vote. The truth is Bernayes was working for Lucky Strikes (Big Tobacco) and was able to double their customer base because up until that time women didn’t smoke https://people.howstuffworks.com/52448-edward-bernays-part-i-of-cigarettes-and-suffragettes-video.htm

After World War II it was found out that Joseph Goebbels, the head of the Nazi propaganda machine, learned all his tricks by studying Bernayes and the American public relations industry.


Before the religious exemption to vaccination was repealed in Albany, NY, there was a poll conducted. New York Senator Brad Holyman and others said this poll proved that over 90% of New Yorkers approved of repealing the religious exemption to vaccination.

That was a lie.

The poll conducted only showed that New Yorkers approved of not allowing people to declare a religious exemption from only the measles vaccine and only if their was an outbreak of measles occurring. Words are weaponized, spun dry and used to manufacture a reality that doesn’t exist.

Above Rita questions what “the majority” of New Yorkers / Americans really believe and don’t believe. She is right to do so. We do not know what people believe because we live in a media bubble – a world where we allow “opinion makers” to shape our thoughts, opinions and actions without our awareness towards what is happening. A small group that holds power manipulates perceptions to get their desired outcome regardless of what public opinion truly is or isn’t. This is extremely prevalent with the issue of vaccination but we see it in many places on the global political landscape – wars, Julian Assange, GMO’s, chemical production, pollution, and many, many other political realities that are manipulated for the benefit of the rich and powerful to the detriment of the masses.

This will never change if you don’t take a stance, show yourself, and fight for what you believe in. Follow our My Rep Kicked Disabled Children Out of Public School campaign, roll up your sleeves and get into this fight. We need you!

What is this campaign I speak of? Find out here:

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