NYPD Try to Block Vaccine Rights Advocates at Public Event

But they don’t stop them!

The following is a critical report from John Gilmore. The Vaccine War in NY is heating up on the streets and in public!


NYC: Police attempt to block access by vaccine rights advocates to a public meeting 
Most announced Pols decided not to show


Last night New York University security personnel and New York City Police repeatedly attempted unsuccessfully to prevent access by more than two hundred people affected by the repeal of the religious exemption from vaccine mandates to a widely advertised public event featuring many elected officials from Manhattan.

    Initially NYU security guards refused to allow people into the building and provided no reason why the public could not attend a public event. Some people simply walked past the security employees and went up to the sixth-floor auditorium where the event was held. Several police officers joined the security guards and repeated that the public could not attend the public meeting. When asked why not, the police could not provide an answer and the people walked by them and went up the elevators and stairs. See the video here of  advocate Rita Palma insisting on respect for her rights https://www.facebook.com/rita.palma.980?__tn__=%2CdlC-y.g-…

     More police were called and about 20 officers showed up and blocked the entrances to the auditorium preventing about 50 people who had not yet entered the auditorium, but again could provide no reason why the public could not attend a public meeting of elected officials. The police then order the people to leave the building, but could provide no explanation why and no one complied. Chants of, “Shame on you” and “Let us in” began. After about 30 minutes  a police captain appeared and then the people were allowed to enter.

     A coalition of community groups advertised the event at the NYU dental school for weeks beforehand and a long list of elected officials were slated to attend. The meeting was intended to be a victory lap for passing new rent control laws in Albany. Most of the elected officials advertised to be at the meeting were no-shows, including Rep. Carolyn Maloney, formerly one of the few members of the US House of Representatives with the integrity to question vaccine policy, but has since disavowed her earlier positions; State Sen. Brian Kavanagh, one of the few Democratic votes against S2994 in the NY Senate; Assembly Health Chair Richard Gottfried (who voted for the repeal in the Health Committee allowing the bill to go to the floor where he reversed himself and voted No.) Assemblymember Dan Quart, a reliable vote for whatever the vaccine industry wants; Assemblymember and prostitution advocate (look it up) Yuh-Line Niou, who also voted to repeal religious exemptions.

     Those who showed up included Sen. Brad Hoylman, the sponsor of S2994 and the sponsor of bills to make HPV shots and flu shots mandatory to attend school. Sen. Liz Krueger, an early supporter of repeal, and the sponsor of a bill (S4244B) to allow 14 year-olds to get any vaccine without parental knowledge or consent, she is also the sponsor of S3899a that would allow 9 year-olds to get Gardasil shots for HPV without parental knowledge or consent; Assemblymember Harvey Epstein, who voted No on the repeal bill, and Assemblymember Deborah Glick, another loyal supporter of vaccine industry initiatives. Both Hoylman and Krueger, however, left the event early.

     The poor attendance by elected officials shows they do not want to be associated with their votes, and cannot think of how to talk to the people whose fundamental rights they have stripped away.  We are in a whole new world. The vaccine industry must resort to censorship, coercion and increasingly force to get what they want. And we will see much more of this before we win.

Here are more photos from the protest on the street as well as inside the event itself:

People holding signs are Vaccine Rights Advocates