Protest Governor Cuomo in NYC July 29!


***UPDATE*** It is 7:30pm, July 29th, 2019 and Rita Palma is streaming live in Brooklyn at the Opportunity Development Association (ODA) which Governor Cuomo will be showing up to shortly. There is a kiosk outside where a woman is stationed to take people’s temperature to determine if they can enter the building. There is also a sign that says if you have a temperature and a rash you may not enter the building.

Is this our welcoming station?!?

July 29, 2019 — ALERT for TONIGHT!!!!

AS PER MOISHE KAHAN (FB NAME), Governor Cuomo- that’s right, the same power-hungry dictator who couldn’t WAIT to invade your home, violate your rights as a parent & a being of God, kick disabled kids out of school, make you sell your house, quit your career, split up your family in the dizzying span of 30 days (yep, that’s him)- WILL BE AT THE OAD Medical, 14 Heyward Street, NY 11206 at 8 pm.

Get there early.

Governor Cuomo NEVER posts his schedule- it is amazing that we got this piece of info. SHOW UP!!! If King Andrew no-shows, that means he’s a coward (because the legislature reads my stuff). If he does appear, CHALLENGE him with the fact that he signed away the rights of thousands of kids, both disabled and healthy, under the false pretense of public health. TAKE VIDEO. TALK TO PRESS. Remember, the cops cannot block you as long as you behave- we know this.

Bring signs- they are POLITICAL EXPRESSION and are a protected and precious right in the US- even if the ‘new’ New York doesn’t like to face dissent to their phony ‘progressive’ agenda. Maybe they got that term confused with ‘OPPRESSIVE’? Tomatoe/ tomato. 



Read about how Governor Cuomo Kicked Disabled Children Out of Public School:

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