BE BRAVE: How to “Come Out” That Your Child is Unvaccinated

August 10, 2019 — Until those who choose not to vaccinate have the support of those who do vaccinate we will lose. End of story.

The below was posted on Rita Palma’s Facebook page and details the process one family went through to “come out” and tell family and friends that they have made the choice to not vaccinate their children. This is a powerful first-hand account with good advice about how you too can “come out” and start gaining the support of people beyond our Health & Religious Freedom Community. – Fed Up Dem

My husband and I live in a community of friends from our middle school years all the way to college and working years. So we knew that if we were forced to “come out of the closet”, there would be dozens of conversations in our county that had to take place. A temporary restraining order in court does not help our family because our local school district has already denied our RE and a 310 appeal was a painful and deflating process.

Over the past month, we’ve told over 50 of our friends and family the news that our boys were barred from Kindergarten, camp and daycare in NYS. The process we used was exhausting—each conversation was face-to-face unless the person lived more than a half hour a way, and took about an hour.

We prefaced each conversation with a text message saying that everyone was fine and healthy but we wanted to meet in person because we’ve had some bad news. Every one of our friends and family met with us within 24 hours.

We carefully and slowly disclosed the pain and suffering that we endured because of the vaccines and the new vaccine laws. We talked about being banned in public places and having to drive to NJ for groceries. We talked about court appearances and affidavits. People were shocked that I had kept a secret for so long. Every single person has been supportive. Every single person asked how they could help.

I was most worried about my family, in particular, my father. He was pro-vaccine , and worked in medicine for over 40 years. I was worried he would ridicule my decision and degrade me. However he didn’t. He fiercely affirmed my decision.


I showed him this document (at the top of this blog post) that listed the “Vaccine Doses for US Children by Year.” I told him when he vaccinated me, I was compliant at around 12 doses. Now the boys, his grandchildren needed 72. He jabbed the paper with his finger in disgust and said that it was pharmaceutical greed.

This document was the most important piece of paper in my “coming out”. Even my friends who were acknowledged pro-vaccine could not argue that this CDC schedule was egregious.

Friends, it is not easy to do this. But I hope this gives some hope that we have allies out there. More importantly, we have allies who vaccinate and who could speak up for our rights to informed consent. We have to change hearts and minds. Our kids aren’t some germ-infested faceless children. They are nieces and nephews to someone. They are loved. And when someone comes after a loved one, the tribe rallies.

Be brave.

One thought on “BE BRAVE: How to “Come Out” That Your Child is Unvaccinated

  1. Thanks for sharing this post. It’s ridiculous how ignorant those who think that unvaccinated people are “dangerous”, contagious, or whatever superstitious belief they have for shunning perfectly fine & healthy human beings. Bravo for sticking to your principles. The brainwashing that is going on to give those 72 (and growing) vaccines is working very well, except in people who still have some independent thinking ability left. All it takes is some deeper investigation, and it’s easy to see that there is a lot of pharma profit motive for the shareholders. Pharma hasn’t followed up with any of their obligation to provide the studies every 2-3 years they had agreed to. And I shake my head at the pablum on the pharma sites, in the section that is the information for parents & general public. Pablum, pablum, pablum…. I wish people would carefully read the information that is for the medical professionals. it’s hard to find, and even harder to read, but lots of cautions, and side-effects listed. The insert that is in the box is another place a person should be able to get this information, but parents don’t get to read that. I bet not many of the professionals read these either. And I still am flabbergasted that the nurses, etc., who give 6-7 different “catchup shots” at one time, to infants, and then a few days later, some of these kids die from “SIDS” or get very sick — that is a capital sin — and I’m not even a practicing Catholic. They just stick their heads in the sand, ignoring what they don’t want to hear, and don’t dare investigate as they suspect they will find something that may make them question what they are doing, and then where does their job security go? And of course mainstream media is controlled by a handful of people who likely are major shareholders, or at least get “gifts” from pharma, as do so many of the politicians in power. God help us all!


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