Vaccination and the Mainstream Media

Is the tide starting to turn towards Health Freedom in the MSM?

August 22, 2019 — From Rita Palma’s Facebook page:

Quick story: I spoke to a Hasidic friend today who was in Albany on August 14th, along with 4k freedom fighters. A friend that she was with was approached by a mainstream media outlet who requested an on-camera interview. At the end of the interview, the cameramen put his camera away, and came back to the two women and said, “Just so you know, the tide is changing in the media with this issue.” It was a national liberal outlet. 

Let that float over you, friends. Smile. Be proud. WE are changing things. Now. Today. Stay strong.

Fed Up Dem Comment — I don’t know if what Rita brings to us here is the case or not. Locally in the NYC / Long Island area Newsday is doing some very fair reporting on the issue of forced vaccination while The Daily News is producing complete garbage along with The New York Times. I hope this cameraman has his finger on the pulse of the media and isn’t just speaking from whatever his own narrow view is. I will be cautiously optimistic, and will keep doing what I’m doing.

Preliminary Inujunction We still don’t know if children who have a religious exemption to vaccination are going to be allowed to return to school in September. As Rita Palma pointed out on her Facebook page the judge must write a legal argument that justifies her ruling, that takes into consideration what another judge will think of her opinion if the case is appealed. The longer it takes for the judge to make a decision, the longer she must be working on researching and writing her legal decision. In my opinion, the longer she takes, the better it looks for Religious & Health Freedom Advocates. If she allows the preliminary injunction, she has no choice but to produce a bulletproof legal argument, something that could be around 50 pages long. I am not a lawyer and I have no inside information. I am merely voicing my opinion from my gut and life experience.