Brad Hoylman Kicks Disabled Children Out of Public School

Because of their parents religious beliefs


Hoylman just asked Religious Freedom Advocate Rita Palma to be “friends” on Facebook!

Wants to track her info in real-time


August 29, 2019 — Brad Hoylman – a long-time Democratic Senator from Manhattan, NY – was the main sponsor of the bill repealing the religious exemption to vaccination. This resulted in 26,000 children being kicked out of all public and private schools in New York immediately; including severely disabled children that have extensive educational programs.

Hoylman is a Democrat who shows all signs of firmly believing that “the state knows best,” and individual freedoms and liberties are dangerous. It is such a sad twisted reality that Hoylman, who is an openly gay man married with children, has no problem blatantly discriminating against another minority group – religious people. Those religious people are now plaintiffs in a lawsuit trying to prove Hoylman’s repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination is Unconstitutional.

(See: Historic Court Hearing in New York on Childhood Vaccinations: Jews, Christians, Amish, Muslims come to NY Supreme Court to protect Religious & Health Freedoms

The LGBT community is a minority group that has been persecuted and prosecuted for decades, centuries – perhaps millennia! You would think Hoylman might have some compassion for other minority groups, but not if they are religious minority groups. The anti-religious sentiment in Albany, NY is a frightening reality as everyone seems to have forgotten that the very 1st amendment of our Constitution guarantees religious freedom to A-L-L, not just to those whom you think will vote for you.

Hoylman and his supporters say that their repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination in New York is the same as the repeal in California in 2015, and that law has stood up to legal challenges over the past 4 years. However that is not precisely true. People claim that in California they had a “religious” exemption to vaccination, however CA did not have an explicitly religious exemption that was repealed. They had all of their exemptions under the status of “personal belief” exemption which included religious exemption. In fact the lawsuits in California challenging the repeal of their personal belief exemptions never challenged on religious grounds. In New York we exclusively had a religious exemption as the only non-medical exemption to vaccination. Thus the legal challenge in New York seems to be destined to knock on the door of the Supreme Court of the United States.

When 4,000 people showed up to an Albany courthouse dressed in all white on August 14, 2019, to show they wanted their religious freedoms back, Hoylman was “outraged” that they chose to where white as a metaphor similar to the Women of the Disappeared in Argentina. Rita Palma responded to Hoylman’s tweet of “outrage” in a reply that said:

Glad you’ve been keeping an eye and ear on us, #MadBrad. We’ll continue to get #underyourskin like you’re trying to do to us. 4k in Albany yesterday. We’re here to stay. Get used to it. #vaxwoke#TeamParentsNY

Read Hoylman’s tweet here:

On August 28th, 2019, Hoylman sent a “friend request” to Rita Palma on their Facebook accounts. Clearly Hoylman wants him and his staff to have access to Palma’s information in real-time. Hoylman is afraid, as the last thing he wants to see is a law that he sponsored for years to become law only to be overturned and deemed unconstitutional. I picture Brad telling a staffer of his that he wants Rita’s FB wall monitored in real-time, so the staffer sent the friend request. LOL!

At least Hoylman is not breaking the law the way his buddy Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz is. Dinowitz – who sponsored a companion bill in the Assembly to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination – blocks any-and-everyone who supports religious & health freedoms from his social media accounts. Hoylman doesn’t do that, he asks the most important among us to be “friends.”

Here is Rita Palma’s public response to Hoylman regarding his “friend request” on FB:

Sen. Hoylman sent me – a crazy, conspiracy-theorist, misinformed, non-vaxxer – a friend request. R we gettin’ 2 u #MadBrad?


Here is a screen shot from Rita Palma showing Brad’s friend request to her:

For more info on the horror-show that is Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz, see Jeff Dinowitz Kicks Disabled Children Out of Public School here: