One For The History Books

RFK Jr. & Del Bigtree Carry Otto Coleman up the steps of California’s State Capitol

September 2, 2019 — History is written by the victor. So what will our future history books reflect?

Benito Mussolini has been quoted as saying “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”  The current political reality in America – and growing across the world – is one of Medical Fascism where Big Pharma has captured state agencies which are supposed to protect the people. This may not have been the quick, blinding Fascism that led to World War II with the likes of Mussolini and Hitler, but make no mistake about it, this *is* Fascism. It has merely taken a new, creeping form, which is now nearing it’s completion stages. The Nazis were fast and furious – and that is likely precisely why the fell. Today’s Fascism is patient, and global.

Will our future continue to solidify the marriage of our state government powers and the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, or will our future dismantle this unholy Fascist marriage? That is the question that will determine whether the above picture and below description make it into mainstream history books or become an eventual, inevitable component of a necessary, truthful revisionist history. The below is a write-up commenting on the picture at the top and bottom of this report. The photo is from Jeff Gros. The write-up comes from Health Freedom Idaho Up Dem

Here is a post from RFK Jr. on his Facebook page about Otto Coleman: