CDC Claims ALL 2019 Measles Cases Were Wild Measles

But Where is the Scientific Data To Back That Up?

September 8, 2019 — The CDC is confidently proclaiming to the world that all cases of measles in 2019 were wild strains, however it does so without publishing any of its genotyping lab data for independent scientists and the public to analyze.

In stark contrast to the CDC’s declaration, Pediatrician Dr. Lawrence Palevsky is on record stating that the New York Department of Health (NYDOH) chose to not confirm what viral strain of measles was responsible for the recent “outbreak” in the state, and of course the NYDOH works very closely with the CDC.

On August 29, 2019 at the CDC website it states,

“All measles cases this year (2019) have been caused by measles wild-type D8 or B3.”

Additionally, in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) published on May 3rd, 2019, they state,

“Among 245 (35%) cases for which molecular sequencing was performed, B3 and D8 were the only genotypes identified, which were the most commonly detected genotypes worldwide in the past 12 months.”

Note that the CDC did not say all 245 cases were confirmed to have B3 and D8 wild measles strains. Instead they said these strains were the “only genotypes identified.” How many of the 245 cases did they identify as wild measles? They do not say. Were any of the 245 cases found to be from a vaccine strain? They do not say. But the more important question the CDC leaves independent scientists and the public asking is – where’s the data?

We need to look back to look forward. We have more available data to work with from the 2015 California outbreak than the 2019 situation in New York. As I have been looking at the available data from 2015 & 2016, I can’t ignore the gnawing feeling that Dr. Palevsky is correct in stating the NYDOH chose to not confirm the genotypes of measles cases in 2019 in order to “leave no fingerprints.” If there is no evidence collected, there is no analysis that can be performed at any point in time outside of what the CDC proclaims.

Disneyland Outbreak – 2015

The Disneyland outbreak of measles in 2015 was used as a pretext to repeal the personal belief exemptions to vaccination in California. In regards to that outbreak, on January 23, 2015 the CDC reported the following:

Measles genotype information was available from 9 measles cases; (emphasis added) all were genotype B3 and all sequences linked to this outbreak are identical.

Approximately 3 months later on April 17, 2015 the CDC reported the following:

Measles was laboratory confirmed in 101 (91%) of cases, either by detection of measles-specific IgM or of measles virus RNA. The B3 genotype was identified in specimens from at least 40 patients associated with this outbreak. B3 is a common measles genotype that has been identified in multiple states and countries.

The first 9 cases, then in 40 out of 101 cases referenced, are all said to be wild measles, but it does not appear that the CDC ever published any of the laboratory sequencing for public viewing. If I am incorrect in that statement someone, anyone, please, direct me to where this genotyping data has been published. What has been published came in November of 2016, almost 2 years after the Disneyland occurrence. A peer-reviewed study on measles in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology stated the following.

“Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences (R. J. McNall, unpublished data).”

Dr. Joseph Mercola was the first to shine a light on this piece of information. He published an article where he made the following comment.

“In other words, about 38 percent of suspected measles cases in the 2015 Disneyland measles scare in California were actually vaccine-related and not caused by transmission of wild-type measles.”

It would appear that the unpublished data referenced in this peer-reviewed journal article is the same data the CDC had access to in 2015 as the scientist cited, R.J. McNall, is a CDC virologist. It also appears these 194 measles virus sequences were the totality obtained in the entire United States that year.

However I have not found any information clarifying where the samples came from; which ones came from California, which from Illinois, etc… It is possible the CDC cherry picked or manipulated the data to meet their needs back in 2015 of providing data to support the repeal of personal belief exemptions in California. The CDC has a sorted history of data manipulation, lies and scientific fraud, so it is difficult to trust them at their word (see “VAXXED” the movie, just for starters). At this time I am unaware of any information that proves the CDC did anything unethical in this specific situation. To my knowledge there are no documents or whistle-blowers that assert any such claims.

The peer reviewed article brought to light by Dr Mercola is highly likely to hold valid and correct information. Dr. Mercola may be correct in his analysis, but it is unclear precisely where the vaccine strains were obtained from. If anyone can shed light on precisely where the 194 measles virus sequences were obtained from in 2015, please send me that information.

What is indisputable is that if the New York Department of Health chose not to confirm the strain of measles that caused the alleged “outbreak” in 2019, then we will never be able to do any analysis of the situation. But the CDC is referencing some set of data to make the claim that *ALL* measles cases in 2019 are wild measles. Will it be 2 years from now, as it was with the Disneyland scare, that a peer-reviewed article will finally be published giving the public a peek behind the CDC curtain, or will it be revealed that no such data was ever collected?

This is why New York State is being sued – again!

A legal case has been recently filed in Nassau County, NY, by Attorneys Elizabeth Brehm, Kevin Barry & Jim Mermigis to stop the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination. In the course of discovery of that case, hopefully some of the questions surrounding what really happened in New York from 2018 to 2019 will be brought to light.

***Update*** On October 5, 2019 I saw for the first time the below information in a tweet that cites data on the Disneyland Measles Outbreak from The original source of the data seen in the below screen shot can be found on page 7 of the pdf file at the following link:

It appears this data give us a little bit more insight into precisely how many viral sequences came from California in the year 2015 and that the percentage of vaccine strain cases of measles originally attributed to the Disneyland Outbreak was 25%. The data was presented at the National Vaccine Advisory Committee on June 9th, 2015. Dr. Kathleen Harriman presented this data on behalf of the California Department of Public Health, Immunization Branch.

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  1. Since board members and administrators of the CDC own 50+ patents on vaccines, is it any wonder why they don’t disclose this information? $’s in their pockets each time one is sold, just like when the ADA said mercury, amalgam, fillings were safe, they owned the patent on them. How many dentists lost their licenses for speaking out against mercury fillings. The CDC needs to be fully investigated.


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