Vaccine Forum in Harlem, Saturday, September 14th POSTPONED – Rescheduled for October 19, 2019

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Gary Null, Sheila Ealey, Mary Holland, Mark Blaxill, John Gilmore 

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The Harlem Vaccine Forum

Was there really a measles emergency in New York?
Are vaccines completely safe?
How effective are vaccines?
Was it really necessary to take away the religious exemption for students?
Should parents have the right to make informed medical decisions for their children? 


Dr. Gary Null Bestselling author, radio host and movie producer
Phil Valentine, Holistic practitioner and activist
Sheila Ealey Leading Activist in the African-American Community
Mary Holland, Esq. Bestselling author and attorney challenging New York’s repeal

We’ll also hear from: 
Mark Blaxill, Bestselling author on vaccines
Mitchel Cohen, Bestselling author on Monsanto’s Roundup
Patricia Finn, Leading NY attorney on vaccine rights
John Gilmore, Autism Action Network
Walter Sotelo, Advocate for Religious Exemptions\
Other parent activists working to preserve religious freedom and parental rights 

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Where: Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network106 W. 145th Street, Harlem NY

Time: 12 noon FREE ADMISSION!

This event is being organized by the Scholar’s Committee of the National Action Network.
President – Curtis Cost. (212) 690-3070 or visit: