Sacrificing Children in New York

Targeting the Amish

September 16, 2019 — The New York Amish community is being harassed into forced-vaccination, and children are paying the price by falling ill. When I read the following Facebook post from Rita Palma my heart dropped into my gut. Please share this information far and wide.

(Note the attorneys referenced below by first name only are Elizabeth Brehm, Kevin Barry & Jim Mermigis who have recently filed suit in Nassau County, NY, to stop the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination. This case is separate from the case filed in Albany, NY by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Michael Sussman. – Fed Up Dem)

From Rita Palma:

The New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) has leaned on the Amish communities so heavily to compel vaccination that one family complied by starting the dangerous catch -up schedule on their school-age boys. As a result, one child collapsed and had a seizure. The other was rushed to the hospital by ambulance from the doctor’s office.

One of our moms is connecting the parents of these kids and leaders of this community to our attorneys and they will file suit, something the Amish DO NOT do. Yet they are willing to take this step; they feel it’s that important. Additionally, there have been so MANY reports similar to these that an upstate MD has stepped up to collect incidents of injury from those who inflicted harm on their child(ren) because they felt they had no choice. More to come on this. Please consider the reality of the above, be patient and know that attorneys Jim, Kevin and Elizabeth are working for your kids as if they were their own. Please share.

3 thoughts on “Sacrificing Children in New York

  1. The forced vaccination law is impacting ALL previously unvaccinated children the same way. Many are becoming ill because of this.Its terrible and we have to fight for every child,  not just the Amish. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


    1. That’s a great point. Having NY Amish communities join the legal fight may be a game changer. You can’t say these people are “faking” their religious beliefs as they have a long, strong history of not vaccinating and there is no division in their community. We have seen strorng division in the orthodox Jewish community but the Amish don’t have thtlat issue.


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