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Update on NY Vaccination Situation

Call to Keep Up the Pressure

September 19, 2019 — I have every reason to believe Rita’s intel about Cuomo (below) is correct.

Cuomo *hates* controversy, and he hates when New Yorkers in the ‘burbs aren’t in his corner. He did not like being protested at Farmingdale College yesterday. Nor does he like that ABC NEWS ran the headline 7 On Your Side Investigates unvaccianted students quarantined in New York schools. In addition there will be more “walk-ins” by unvaccianted students into their school buildings in Suffolk County, Long Island. He is not – and never has been – comfortable trying to win an election based off of an urban-progressive base. Cuomo is not a progressive.


**He only plays one on T.V.**

And he is a lousy actor.

Cuomo is whatever he believes he needs to be to win an election. That is all he is and very little more. I say it all the time at this blog – Cuomo is Clintonian. He has very little conviction or belief in…anything at all really. Long Island is rallying for Health Freedom, and Cuomo and the Democrats are the main target. Cuomo is not up for reelection till 2022, so it’s not his seat he is currently worried about; it’s the Democratic majority in the New York Senate.

The below is from Rita PalmaFed Up Dem


We have received intel that we are making those who voted in support of kicking your kids out of school (most Democrats) VERY UNCOMFORTABLE, including NY’s highest (or lowest, as the case may be) office, the ‘Anti-Facts’ Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

Let’s keep it going by….

1.) Keep track of your Reps on ALL social media and share when they post something that our community just HAS to comment on. For example, if they are patting themselves on the back at a school event, jump in- “So you want to kids to go to school? Seriously?”- and ask others to do the same. I will post. They are not legally allowed to block you.

2.) Keep track of their events- fundraisers, blood drives, dog parades, town halls- and let us know! Show up with friends, educational literature, your kids…. cast a dark cloud over their image. That’s what they care about come Election Day.

We have been wondering where they have been lately- it can’t be that they are afraid to run into a parent with nothing to lose and all the time in the world, can it?


Call them and find out how they voted on A2371 (Assembly) and S2994 (Senate)
Please post more suggestions to make these weasels squirm. And don’t forget to throw out those truth bombs! We are educating and empowering all the while- changing hearts and minds


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