Vaccine Police in Suffolk County, NY

Connetquot Uniformed Security Went Door to Door to Unvaccinated Children’s Homes!

September 20, 2019 — Connetquot school security went door to door on the evening of September 19th “serving” letters to 150 homes of unvaccinated children. They arrived in marked cars with yellow flashing lights brightly shining at night and were uniformed in yellow jackets on top of black polo shirts.

This information comes from a mother in the Connetquot school district who was interviewed by Rita Palma during a Facebook live broadcast this morning. That video can be viewed at the following link:

“A uniformed security guard from Connetquot High School came to our home last night in a marked security car to deliver the letters,” said this mother of unvaccinated children in Connetquot school district. One of her children is a special education student. She went on to detail how 150 Connetquot high school students were “served” in this fashion including her next door neighbor. The school security cars were marked and had bright security lights shining for the entire neighborhood to witness. So now everyone knows where unvaccinated children live; a clear violation of the HIPPA law.

However, despite this ridiculous scare tactic, brave unvaccinated Connetquot students still showed up and “walked-in” to their high school the next day (Friday, September 20, 2019). One student “walked-in” and was effectively quarantined in a room of about 10 students. When he left the school he reported that a girl who was vaccinated was also brought into the room. She was frantic and confused as to why she was in the quarantine space. Turned out she was missing 1 shot and because of this was threatened with being kicked out of school, as she called her parents in panic. To see the interview where a student discusses this situation go to the following link:

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