Healthy Kids Belong in School!

Rita Palma & students kicked out of school protesting in Mineola September 23, 2019

Unvaccinated Children in New York tell their stories of being kicked out of school


September 23, 2019 — We may have found the tag line for the Health Freedom Movement in 2019 and 2020 – Healthy Kids Belong in School!!!

However the Democrats in Albany simply don’t believe this is true.

Students, parents, grandparents, family members and friends have been out in front of schools supporting unvaccinated children as they “walked-in” to school, knowing they would eventually be told to leave the building. Suffolk County, Long Island has been ground zero for public resistance to a bigoted, discriminatory, segregationist law passed by Albany Democrats just a few short months ago repealing the religious exemption to vaccination.

On September 18th a Selden, New York high school student named Dominique who only needs 1/2 a credit to graduate walked into her school for what may be the last time. She does not believe in vaccination due to her religious beliefs, so will not be allowed to finish her schooling. Her school district will not even offer her any opportunity to finish her credits off-site or from home. Dominique was pulled into the school’s auditorium with all of the other unvaccinated students in the school. They were told they could not step one foot out of the auditorium even though not a single one of them was showing any signs of being ill. Quarantine the healthy!

Dominique is pro-life, and objects to vaccinations in part because she says, “There’s aborted fetal tissue in vaccines. I’m pro-life and I’m against abortion, and I just don’t think it is right to be injecting that into my body. ” This is 100% true. Aborted fetal cell lines are used to culture at least four vaccines including the MMR, Varicella, Hep-A and Pentacel vaccines. Just ask Dr. Theresa Deisher. Dominique is in a nursing program she attends off-site from her high school, however she will not be allowed to attend even that program any longer. You can watch the interview of Dominique and her mother here:

14 year old Michael who is a sophomore at Connetquot High School is also part of the only class of children it is legal to discriminate against and segregate – the unvaccinated. As Michael was outside his school being interviewed by Rita Palma two Connetquot students who were headed into the school stopped to give a pound and a hug to Michael. Presumably these two boys are vaccinated. Seems they clearly understand that their friend Michael poses zero threat to them, the school community and the greater community. See Michael interviewed at the following link:

The picture at the top of this report is of Health and Religious Freedom Fighter Rita Palma posing with two fine young ladies, one of whom was just kicked out of school in Brentwood. She turns 18 in January, and will be eligible to return to school at that time, as 18 year old’s are adults and are not required to be immunized in New York. Adults can have many different exemptions to vaccination, but children get none.

This last point is crucial and shows the despicable nature of what New York Democrats have just done to the public. Instead of being careful, measured and deliberate about this repeal law, they came in with a sledgehammer. It is ridiculous for a 17 year old girl, who has been in the public school system for over a decade with no problems, to be told she must leave the school by law only to return in less than 3 months!

Why is it being done so stupidly? Because Big Pharma wants to jab as many people as possible so badly they can taste it; foaming at the mouth for more. They want every last child they can get. They want them so badly, that they are coming after all of us next – adult mandates are the future of forced vaccination.

Watch Rita interview the two young women pictured at the top of this report at the following link: