Measles in Nassau County, NY?!?

NY AG Attempts Manipulation of Court System

There is a case in Nassau County, NY challenging the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination and the judge hearing the case was appointed by former Republican Governor George Pataki. The Attorney General of New York, Democrat Letitia James, is attempting to have the judge removed from the case.

I wonder why?!

Add to it that New York Department of Health officials are claiming Nassau County now has new measles cases. Read the press release below from John Gilmore for more details on a PRESS CONFERENCE TODAY:


Join us Monday, September 23rd, 10:30 am,

Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building

1550 Franklin Ave, Mineola

To demand FACTS behind the claims of measles in Nassau County and demand JUSTICE for parents challenging the repeal of the religious exemption.

Nassau County suddenly reports there are two measles cases in the county after the Attorney General tried to change the Judge in the Mermigis/Barry lawsuit to challenge the repeal of the religious exemption.  But where are the facts behind the reports? Doesn’t the Dept. of Health think the public has a right to know all the FACTS/ DETAILS about these cases?

  • What tests did the Nassau County Department take to determine these measles cases?
  • What types are they?
  • Are these vaccine-strain measles?
  • Are they from vaccine failure? Did the cases appear because others are shedding the live virus from the vaccine itself?
  • Are they exotic strains?
  • Where are these cases and do these people LIVE in Nassau County?
  • Are these cases being quarantined?
  • Why is the Attorney General Leticia James trying to challenge and change the judge in the Mermigis/Barry lawsuit that challenges the repeal of the religious exemption? Manipulation, anyone?

PLEASE JOIN US! Encourage the media to get the facts behind the fear. If we show up, they care.
HEALTHY KIDS BELONG IN SCHOOL (we are getting VERY good feedback on this message