New Court Date We All Must Show Up For!

New Hearing for Preliminary Injunction on September 30th!


The Fight For Vaccine Rights & Health Freedom Continues!!!

September 24, 2019 — This comes from Attorney Jim Mermigis who is fighting for a preliminary injunction on the repeal to the religious exemption to vaccination in New York. He has a new, important court date of September 30th. The picture at the top of this post shows the nearly 4,000 people who showed up in Albany, NY when RFK Jr. and Michael Sussman were arguing for a preliminary injunction on August 14, 2019. We need to make this next showing even bigger! Rita Palma asks everyone show up wearing all white once again.

The below information (in all italics) comes from Attorney Jim Mermigis:



Breaking News

I served the Attorney General this afternoon with a signed Order to Show Cause by Judge Wiggins seeking a Preliminary Injunction for a Stay of this repugnant Repeal!

The Judge in Steuben County granted us the earliest oral arguments

Monday, September 30
10:30 am

Steuben County Supreme Court
Bath, NY
Judge Robert Wiggins

Let’s all pray together for a positive result. Let’s all be humble and let God work his magic!