Vaccine Investigations

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September 28, 2019 — I’ve created a new section of my blog where you can find all of my most popular and most important posts. It is called “Vaccine Investigations” and is the 2nd menu-item you can click on at the top of The Fed Up Dem blog. Please share these reports and feel free to republish them at other websites, forums etc…as long as they remain unchanged and you link back to the original publication here at The Fed Up Democrat.

Some of the reports filed under Vaccine Investigations include:

Google is Now a Pharmaceutical Company

NY Children Sickened by Democrats Vaccine “Catch-Up” Schedule

Vaccination Without Parental Knowledge Kills 14 year-old girl

NY Measles Outbreak Hoax?!?

Medical Affidavits on the Alleged Measles “Outbreak” in NY

Governor Cuomo Kicks Disabled Children Out of Public School

Vaccine Police in Suffolk County, NY

Vaccine Police States

…and more.

Just click on “Vaccine Investigations” on the menu at the top of this blog and scroll down to find the reports. These reports have been read by hundreds of thousands of people and should be shared with millions more. Please help to spread these reports to others on social media, email them, re-post and republish: that is the only way they will get exposure. Search engines like Google hardly ever pick up these reports. It is up to those who care about this material to make sure it circulates. I do this 100% for free – all I ask is if you like something you’ve read by me please help it spread.

Thank you for all your support!